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76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 861 -OOT. 14 , 1940 semiarid areas of the United States an effective rehabilitation program, stabilization of the agricultural economy and maximum utilization of funds spent for relief purposes, the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized, pursuant to cooperative agree- ment with the Secretary of the Interior, (1) to arrange for the settlement of the projects on a sound agricultural basis, and insofar as practicable, the location thereon of persons in need; (2) to extend guidance and advice to settlers thereon in matters of farm practice, soil conservation, and efficient land use; (3) to acquire agricultural lands within the boundaries of such projects, with titles and at prices satisfactory to him; and (4) to arrange for the improvement of lands within the project boundaries, including clearing, leveling, and preparing them for distribution of irrigation water. Contracts between the United States and water users or water users' organiza- tions for the lease or purchase of, or the improvement of, lands within such projects shall provide for annual or semiannual pay- ments to the United States, of the number and amounts fixed by the Secretary of Agriculture. The lease, purchase, or improvement contracts for each tract of land shall provide in the aggregate for the return, in not to exceed fifty years from the date the land is first settled upon, of the costs incurred by the United States in acquiring and improving such tract of land with funds appropri- ated under authority of section 12 (2), except administrative expenses incurred in the District of Columbia, together with interest on unpaid balances of said costs at not less than 3 per centum per annum. Such lease, purchase, or improvement contracts shall also provide for the fulfillment of such obligations related to reimbursable con- struction costs and operation and maintenance charges as may be applicable to such lands in accordance with the repayment contract or contracts required by section 4. "(b) For the purposes of this section, the Secretary of Agri- culture may utilize (1) in such manner as the President may direct, services, labor, materials, or other property, including money, sup- plied by the Work Projects Administration, the Civilian Conser- vation Corps, the Office of Indian Affairs, the Department of Agri- culture, or any other Federal agency to the extent that the President, upon the report and recommendations of the Secretary of Agricul- ture, finds that the same should be supplied in assistance of such improvement work, and for which the United States shall be reim- bursed in such amounts as the President may fix for each project; and (2) such services, labor, materials, easements, or other property, including money, as may be contributed by any State or political subdivision thereof, State agency, municipal corporation, or other organization, or individuals. Moneys received and accepted under (2) of this subsection shall remain available for expenditure for the purposes for which contributed in like manner as if said sums had been specifically appropriated for said purposes. "SEC. 6. The Secretary, by cooperative agreements, may arrange with the Department of Agriculture or with such other Federal or State agencies, as the President may deem desirable, for cooperation in the investigations and surveys of projects proposed under the authority of this Act; and in connection with any such project which is undertaken the Secretary by such cooperative agreements may arrange for such cooperation in the construction or operation and maintenance of the project as he deems desirable. Any such coopera- tive agreement with the Department of Agriculture may provide, among other things (1) that the Secretary of Agriculture shall enter into the repayment contracts, required by section 4, and shall handle the collections of repayments and shall take over the other adminis- Settlement of proj- ects. Guidancetosettlers. Acquisition of agri- cultural lands. Improvement of lands. Contracts between U. S . and water users for lease, etc., of lands. Return of costs in- curred byU. S. Assistance of other agencies; reimburse- ment. Cooperative agree- ments. Investigations and surveys of proposed projects. Provisions to be in- eluded. Jurisdiction over re- payment contracts. 54 STAT.] 1123