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76TH CONG., 3S SESS.-CH. 875-OCT. 14 , 1940 "Under such regulations as the Secretary of War shall prescribe, the material, animals, armament, and equipment, or any part thereof, of the National Guard of any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or organizations thereof, may be put into a common pool for care, maintenance, and storage; and the employment of caretakers therefor, not to exceed fifteen for any one pool, is hereby authorized. "Commissioned officers of the National Guard shall not be employed as caretakers except that, under such regulations as the Secretary of War shall prescribe, one such officer not above the grade of captain for each heavier-than-air squadron, and one such officer not above the grade of captain for each pool, may be employed. Either enlisted men or civilians may be employed as caretakers, but if there are as many as two caretakers in any unit, one of them shall be an enlisted man. "Funds hereafter appropriated under the provisions of the National Defense Act, as amended, for the support of the National Guard of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, shall be supplemental to moneys appropriated by the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, for the support of the National Guard, and shall be available for the hire of caretakers and clerks: Provided,That the Secretary of War shall, by regulations, fix the salaries of all caretakers and clerks hereby authorized to be employed, and shall also designate by whom they shall be employed." SEC. 2. That section 92 of the National Defense Act of June 3, 1916, as amended, be, and the same is hereby, repealed and reenacted to read as follows: "SEC. 92. TRAINING OF THE NATIONAL GUARD. - Under such regula- tions as the Secretary of War shall prescribe, each company troop, battery, and detachment in the National Guard shall assemble for drill and instruction, including indoor target practice, not less than forty-eight times each year, and shall, in addition thereto, participate in encampments, maneuvers, or other exercises, including outdoor target practice, at least fifteen days in training each year, including target practice, unless such company, troop, battery, or detachment shall have been excused from participation in any part thereof by the Secretary of War: Provided, That an assembly for drill and instruc- tion may consist of a single duly ordered formation of a company, troop, battery, or detachment, or, when so authorized by the Secretary of War, of a series of duly ordered formations of subdivisions or parts thereof, but in the latter case the series of formations of subdivisions or groups must comprehend and include the entire organization, and must be included within the time limit of seven consecutive days within a calendar month. The sum total of the attendance at all the separate consecutive formations announced as constituting that assem- bly shall be counted as the attendance at the actual military assembly for the required period of time; but no officer, warrant officer, or enlisted man shall be counted more than once, nor receive credit for more than one required period of actual military attendance even though he may have attended more than one of the formations which constitute the assembly for the required period of time: Provided further, That credit for an assembly for drill or for indoor target practice shall not be given unless the number of officers and enlisted men present for duty at such assembly shall equal or exceed a minimum to be prescribed by the President, nor unless the period of actual military duty and instruction participated in by each officer and enlisted man at each assembly at which he shall be credited as having been present shall be of at least one and one-half hours' duration and the character of training such as may be prescribed by the Secre- Pooling provisions. Officers not eligible as caretakers; excep- tion. Funds available for hire of caretakers and clerks. Proviso. Regulations. 39 Stat. 206. 32U.S.C.j62. Training of National Guard. Drills required. Provisos. Assembly for drill and instruction. Credit or drill as- sembly, etc. 1135 54 STAT.]