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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 876-OCT. 14, 1940 Aliens without ad- mission records. Registered person deemed lawfully ad- mitted. Issuance. Ante, p. 1151. Certificate prerequi- site to declaration. Photographs. person arriving in the United States after the effective date of this Act, of the name, age, occupation, personal description (including height, complexion, color of hair and eyes, and fingerprints), the date and place of birth, nationality, the last residence, the intended place of residence in the United States, the date and place of arrival of said person, and the name of vessel or other means of transportation, upon which said person arrived. (b) Registry of aliens at ports of entry required by subsection (a) of this section may be made as to any alien not ineligible to citizenship in whose case there is no record of admission for permanent residence, if such alien shall make a satisfactory showing to the Commissioner, in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Commissioner, with the approval of the Attorney General, that such alien- (1) Entered the United States priorto July 1,1924; (2) Has resided in the United States continuously since such entry; (3) Is a person of good moral character; and (4) Is not subject to deportation. (c) For the purposes of the immigration laws and naturalization laws an alien, in respect of whom a record of registry has been made as authorized by this section, shall be deemed to have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence as of the date of such alien's entry. CERTIFICATE OF ARRIVAL SEC. 329. (a) The certificate of arrival required by this chapter may be issued upon application to the Commissioner in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Commissioner, with the approval of the Attorney General, upon the making of a record of registry as authorized by section 328 of this Act. (b) No declaration of intention shall be made by any person who arrived in the United States after June 29, 1906, until such person's lawful entry for permanent residence shall have been established, and a certificate showing the date, place and manner of arrival in the United States shall have been issued. It shall be the duty of the Commissioner or a Deputy Commissioner to cause to be issued such certificate. PHOTOGRAPHS SEC. 330 . (a) Two photographs of the applicant shall be signed by and furnished by each applicant for a declaration of intention and by each petitioner for naturalization or citizenship. One of such photographs shall be affixed by the clerk of the court to the triplicate declaration of intention issued to the declarant and one to the dupli- cate declaration of intention required to be forwarded to the Serv- ice; and one of such photographs shall be affixed to the original certificate of naturalization issued to the naturalized citizen and one to the duplicate certificate of naturalization required to be forwarded to the Service. (b) Two photographs of the applicant shall be furnished by each applicant for- (1) A record of registry; (2) A certificate of derivative citizenship; (3 A certificate of naturalization; 4 A special certificate; (5) A declaration of intention or a certificate of naturalization or of citizenship, in lieu of one lost, mutilated, or destroyed; and (6) A new certificate of citizenship in the new name of any natu- ralized citizen who, subsequent to naturalization, has had such citizen's name changed by order of a court of competent jurisdiction or by marriage. [54 STAT.