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54 SFAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 888 -OCT. 17, 1940 premiums paid as therein reported, after having been previously reported as in default. From this sum shall be deducted the total sum of any premiums previously reported as in default, upon policies in respect of which the Veterans' Administration has, since the date of such report, rejected an application for the benefits of this article. The final sum so arrived at shall be denominated the monthly difference. SEC. 407. The Administrator of Veterans' Affairs shall verify the computation of monthly difference reported by each insurer and shall, within ten days thereafter, deliver each month to the proper officer of such insurer, a certificate in the amount of the monthly difference certified in respect of each insurer. Such certificate shall be signed by said Administrator in the name of the United States, shall be in such form as the Administrator shall determine, shall be payable to the insurer within sixty days after the approval of the statement of account, as provided in section 411 hereof, and shall bear interest at a rate to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, payable with the principal. Such certificate shall not be transferred except with the approval of said Administrator and shall remain with the insurer until settlement is made in accordance with this article. SEC. 408. The certificate so delivered shall be held by the respective insurers as security for the payment of the defaulted premiums with interest. To indemnify it against loss the United States shall have a first lien upon any policy receiving the benefits of this article, sub- ject only to any lien existing at the time the policy became subject to this Act, and no loan or settlement or payment of dividend shall be made by the insurer on such policy which may prejudice the security of such lien. Before any dividend is paid or any loan or settlement is made the written consent of the Veterans' Administration must be obtained. SEC. 409. In the event that the military service of any person being the holder of a policy receiving the benefits of this article shall be terminated by death, the amount of any unpaid premiums, with interest at the rate provided for in the policy for policy loans, shall be deducted from the proceeds of the policy and shall be included in the next monthly report of the insurer as premiums paid. SEC. 410. If the insured does not within one year after the termina- tion of his period of military service pay to the insurer all past due premiums with interest thereon from their several due dates at the rate provided in the policy for policy loans, the policy shall at the end of such year immediately lapse and become void, and the insurer shall thereupon become liable to pay the cash surrender value thereof, if any: Provided, That if the insured is in the military service when this Act ceases to be in force, such lapse shall occur and surrender value be payable at the expiration of one year after the date when this Act ceases to be in force. SEC. 411 . At the expiration of one year after the date when this Act ceases to be in force;there shall be an account stated between each insurer and the United States, in which there shall be credited to the insurer the total amount of the certificates held as security under this article, together with accrued interest to the date of the account, and in which there shall be credited to the United States the amount of the cash surrender value of each policy lapsed or forfeited as provided in section 410, but not in any case a greater amount on any policy than the total of the unpaid premiums with interest thereon at the rate provided for in the policy for policy loans. SEC. 412. The balance in favor of the insurer in each case shall be certified by the Administrator, of Veterans' Affairs to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall pay to the insurer the amount thereof, which is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any moneys in 193470°--41-PT. -- 75 1185 Verification of com- putation. Certificate of monthly difference in respect of each in- surer. Transfer restricted. Use as security for unpaid premiums. Lien on policy. Deduction from pro- ceeds of policy in case of death during serv- ice. Lapse of policy. Proeiso. If insured is in service when Act ter- Iinates. Statement of ac- count. Credit to insurer. Credit to United States. Balance to be paid upon surrender of cer- tificates.