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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 888 -OCT. 17, 1940 U. S. citizens serv- ing with allied forces. Tax collection from person in military service. 53 Stat. 175 1381. 26 U. 8. C., Supp. V, §§ 1400, 1432. Evasive transfers of interests. Certificates as to servite. Prima facie evidence of speoified facts. Certificates furnished on application. SEC. 512. Citizens of the United States who serve with the forces of any nation with which the United States may be allied in the pros- ecution of any war in which the United States engages while this Act remains in force shall be entitled to the relief and benefits afforded by this article, if such service is similar to military service as defined in this Act, and if they are honorably discharged and resume United States citizenship or die in the service of the allied forces or as a result of such service. SEC. 513. The collection from any person in the military service of any tax on the income of such person, whether falling due prior to or during his period of military service, shall be deferred for a period extending not more than six months after the termination of his period of military service if such person's ability to pay such tax is materially impaired by reason of such service. No interest on any amount of tax, collection of which is deferred for any period under this section, and no penalty for nonpayment of such amount during such period, shall accrue for such period of deferment by reason of such nonpayment. The running of any statute of limitations against the collection of such tax by distraint or otherwise shall be suspended for the period of military service of any individual the collection of whose tax is deferred under this section, and for an additional period of nine months beginning with the day following the period of mili- tary service. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the income tax on employees imposed by section 1400 of the Federal Insur- ance Contributions Act. ARTICLE VI-ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDIES SEC. 600. Where in any proceeding to enforce a civil right in any court it is made to appear to the satisfaction of the court that any interest, property, or contract has since the date of the approval of this Act been transferred or acquired with intent to delay the just enforcement of such right by taking advantage of this Act, the court shall enter such judgment or make such order as might lawfully be entered or made, the provisions of this Act to the contrary notwith- standing. SEa. 601. (1) In any proceeding under this Act a certificate signed by The Adjutant General of the Army as to persons in the Army or in any branch of the United States service while serving pursuant to law with the Army of the United States, signed by the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation of the Navy Department as to persons in the United States Navy or in any other branch of the United States service while serving pursuant to law with the United States Navy, and signed by the Major General Commandant, United States Marine Corps, as to persons in the Marine Corps, or in any other branch of the United States service while serving pursuant to law with the Marine Corps, or signed by an officer designated by any of them, respectively, for the purpose, shall when produced be prima facie evi- dence as to any of the following facts stated in such certificate: That a person named has not been, or is, or has been in military service; the time when and the place where such person entered mili- tary service, his residence at that time, and the rank, branch, and unit of such service that he entered, the dates within which he was in military service, the monthly pay received by such person at the date of issuing the certificate, the time when and the place where such person died in or was discharged from such service. (2) It shall be the duty of the foregoing officers to furnish such certificate on application, and any such certificate when purporting to be signed by any one of such officers or by any person purporting [54 STAT.