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1194 Contracts. No deductions be- cause of other contri- butions; exception. Provisos. Amount restricted. Cash contributions to other than person rendering burial serv- ices. Payment of ex- penses under any other Act. Transportation of body from a facility to place of burial. Veteran dying while hospitalized. Claimns for reim- bursement. Proviso. Certain unfiled, etc., claims. 38U. S . C., 1934 ed., p. 1699. Payment of travel expenses of indigent patients to a facility, etc. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 893-OCT. 17, 1940 [54 STAT. of the body (including preparation of the body) to the place of burial, a sum not exceeding $100 to cover such items and to be paid to such person or persons as may be prescribed by the Administrator. The Administrator may, in his discretion, make contracts for burial and funeral services within the limits of the amount herein allowed without regard to the laws prescribing advertisement for proposals for supplies and services for the Veterans' Administration. No deduction shall be made from the burial allowance because of any contribution from any source toward the burial and funeral (includ- ing transportation) unless the amount of expenses incurred is covered by the amount actually paid for burial and funeral (including trans- portation) purposes by a State, county, or other political subdivision, workmen's compensation commission, State industrial accident board, employer, burial association, or Federal agency: Provided, That no claim shall be allowed for more than the difference between the entire amount of the expenses incurred, and the amount paid by any or all of the foregoing agencies or organizations: Provided further, That nothing herein shall be construed to cause the denial of or a reduction in the amount of the burial allowance otherwise payable because of a cash contribution made by a burial association to any person other than the person rendering burial and funeral services: And provided further, That nothing herein contained shall be con- strued so as to cause payment of the burial allowance or any part thereof in any case where specific provision is otherwise made for pay- ment of expenses of funeral, transportation, and interment under any other Act. "III. Where death occurs in a Veterans' Administration facility within the continental limits of the United States, the Veterans' Administration will (a) assume the actual cost (not to exceed $100) of burial and funeral, and (b) transport the body to the place of burial within the continental limits of the United States or to the place of burial in Alaska if the veteran was a resident of Alaska and had been brought to the United States as beneficiary of the Veterans' Administration for hospital or domiciliary care. Where a veteran dies while hospitalized under authority of the Veterans' Adminis- tration in a Territory or possession of the United States the Veterans' Administration will (a) assume the actual cost (not to exceed $100) of burial and funeral, and (b) transport the body to the place of burial within the Territory or possession. "IV. Claims for reimbursement must be filed within two years subsequent to the date of burial of the veteran. In the event the claimant's application is not complete at the time of original sub- mission, the Veterans' Administration will notify the claimant of the evidence necessary to complete the application and if such evidence is not received within one year from the date of the request therefor no allowance may be paid: Provided, That where the death of a veteran occurred on or after March 20, 1933, and claim for burial allowance was not filed, or was filed after the expiration of the regu- latory period, or was filed within the regulatory period and disal- lowed, the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs is hereby authorized and directed to receive and adjudicate a claim filed within two years after the date of enactment of this Act and to grant burial allowance under the provisions of laws and regulations governing such allowance as amended by this Act." (b) That paragraph III of Veterans Regulation Numbered 6 (a), as amended, be further amended to read as follows: "III. To persons unable to defray the cost thereof, transportation and other necessary expenses incidental thereto will be supplied to cover travel to a Veterans' Administration facility for dosmciliary eit for domicelnary