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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CHS. 896, 897-OCT. 17, 1940 Secretary of Commerce: (1) name of vessel, official number, voyage number, port, date, description of voyage, name in full of each sea- man, number of continuous discharge book or certificate of identifica- tion and of license, certificate of registry, or service, and efficiency for rating in which employed, age, citizenship, capacity in which engaged, date and place of engagement, date and place of dis- charge or separation from service of vessel, the percentage of citizens of the United States in the crew, and name in full of the master and the serial number of his license; (2) a statement showing (a) that the master has entered into an agreement with each seaman on board such vessel as required by law; (b) that at least 65 per centum of the deck crew (exclusive of licensed officers) are of a rating not less than able seamen; (c) that at least 75 per centum of the crew in each depart- ment are able to understand orders given by the officers; (d) that the vessel has in her service the number of lifeboatmen required by her certificate of inspection; (e) that each member of the crew possesses a license, certificate of registry, or certificate of service for the rating in which he is engaged, and (f) that each lifeboatman possesses a certificate of efficiency. The Secretary of Commerce shall, by regula- tion, prescribe the form and content of such reports and time of sub- mitting them. This subsection shall not apply to any ferry or any tug used in connection with a ferry operation, if such ferry or tug is employed exclusively in trade on the Great Lakes, lakes (other than the Great Lakes), bays, sounds, bayous, canals, and harbors, and is not engaged on an international voyage. Any master who shall violate any provision of this subsection or regulations established hereunder shall be subject to a penalty of $500." SEC. 2 . The President is hereby authorized, whenever in his judg- ment the national interest requires, to extend the provisions of sub- section (1) of section 4551, Revised Statutes, as amended, to such additional class or classes of vessels and to such waters as he may designate. Approved, October 17, 1940. [CHAPTER 897] AN ACT 1201 Form. Designated ferries exempted. Penalty. Extension of provi- sions to other vessels, etc. October 17. 1940 To require the registration of certain organizations carrying on activities within - [IL t. I(041 the United States, and for other purposes. I 'ulli, No. s7o] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That for the pur- poses of this Act- (a) The term "Attorney General" means the Attorney General of the United States; (b) The term "organization" means any group, club, league, society, committee, association, political party, or combination of individuals. whether incorporated or otherwise, but such term shall not include any corporation, association, community chest, fund or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes; (c) The term "political activity" means any activity the purpose or aim of which, or one of the purposes or aims of which, is the control by force or overthrow of the Government of the United States or a political subdivision thereof, or any State or political subdivision thereof; (d) An organization shall be deemed to be engaged in "civilian military activity" if (1) it gives instruction to, or prescribes instruc- tion for, its members in the use of firearms or other weapons or Registration of cer- tain organizalions. Definitions. " Attorney (en- eral." "Organization." " Political activity. " " Civilian military activity. " 193470°- 41-PT . I- 76