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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 739 ----- Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact. AN ACT Granting the consent and approval of Congress to an inter- state compact relating to control and reduction of pollution in the Ohio River drainage basin ----- _ ----_ __ ---- ___ . 740 ---- Postal Service, motor vehicle service. AN ACT To provide for the transportation and distribution of mails on motor- vehicle routes------------------------. -- -_ _ _ _- __ - 741 ---- Recorder of deeds building, D. C. AN ACT Authorizing advancements from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works for the construction of a recorder of deeds building in the District of Columbia, and for other pur- poses------------------------ __----_---_--_ 742 ----- Estates of American citizens who die abroad. AN ACT To provide for the disposition of estates of American citizens who die abroad -------------------- -- __.. ____ 743 ----- Retired emergency officers. AN ACT Providing for continuing retirement pay, under certain conditions, of officers and former officers of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States, other than officers of the Regular Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, who incurred physical disability while in the service of the United States during the World War, and for other purposes ------ .. _. --- ---- --- ---- - 744 ---- Schools in Indian reservations,etc. AN ACT To authorize the use of certain facilities of Indian reservations, national parks, and national monuments for elementary school pui- poses ---------------------------------- 745 ----- Hawaii National Park. AN ACT To withdraw certain por- tions of land within the Hawaii National Park and to transfer the same to the jurisdiction and control of the Secretary of War for military purposes - ------------- 746 ----- World War provisional,etc., officers. AN ACT Extending the benefits of the Emergency Officers' Retirement Act of May 24, 1928, to provisional, probationary, or temporary officers of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard who served during the World War ----- _--__--_______-_ 747 ---- Officers' Reserve Corps. AN ACT To extend the benefits of the United States Employees' Compensation Act to members of the Officers' Reserve Corps and of the Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Army who were physically injured in line of duty while performing active duty or engaged in authorized training between dates of February 28, 1925, and July 15, 1939, both inclusive, and for other purposes ------------- 748 ----- Purchaseof coal and wood, D. C . AN ACT To repeal sections 3711, 3712, and 3713 of the Revised Statutes which relate to the purchase in the District of Columbia of coal and wood for public use, and for other purposes-------------------- 749 ----- Surplus Federal real property. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the disposition, control, and use of surplus real property acquired by Federal agencies, and for other purposes', approved August 27, 1935 (Public, Numbered 351, Seventy-fourth Congress), and for other purposes

750 ----- U. S . Grain Standards Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend the United States Grain Standards Act, to provide for the grading of soybeans, and for other purposes------------- 751 ----- Bridge, Mississippi River. AN ACT To extend the times for commencing and completing the construction of a bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Chester, Illinois----- 752 --- - Saint Elizabeths Hospital, D. C . AN ACT Relating to the admission to Saint Elizabeths Hospital of persons resident or domiciled in the Virgin Islands of the United States- --- 94 U. S. Maritime Commission, insurance. JOINT RESOLU- TION Making an appropriation to enable the United States Maritime Commission to establish the marine and war-risk insurance fund ------------------------------- 753 ----- Pernicious political activities. AN ACT To extend to certain officers and employees in the several States and the District of Columbia the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to prevent pernicious political activities", approved August 2, 1939---------------------------------------------- Date July 11, 1940 -- July 11, 1940-- July 11, 1940-- July 12, 1940_ -- July 15, 1940 -- July 16, 1940-- July 16, 1940--- July 18, 1940 -- July 18, 1940--- July 18, 1940-- July 18,1940--- July 18, 1940--- July 18,1940-- July 18, 1940--- July 18,1940 -- July 19, 1940--- 767 XXV Page 752 756 757 758 760 761 761 762 762 764 764 765 765 766 766