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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 for the District of Columbia acting for such Commissioners: Pro- Re53ppat. ion ' vided further, That the unexpended balance of the appropriation under this head in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1940, is hereby continued available until June 30, 1941. CENTRAL GARAGE Automobiles, main- For maintenance, care, repair, and operation of passenger-carrying tenanc . automobiles owned by the District of Columbia, including personal services, $62,460; for purchase (including exchange) of passenger- carrying automobiles, $10,000; and for purchase (including exchange) of one ambulance for the Health Department, $2,000; in all, $74,460. Private vehicle al - For allowances for furnishing privately owned motor vehicles in the performance of official duties at a rate of not to exceed $264 Proicto per year for each automobile, $10,560: Provided, That allowances under this appropriation shall be made only to persons whose duties require full-time field service. Use of District- All motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles owned by the District of Columbia shall be used exclusively for "official purposes" directly pertaining to the public services of said District, and shall be under the direction and control of the Commissioners, who may from time to time alter or change the assignment for use thereof or direct the joint or interchangeable use of any of the same by officials and employees of the District, except as otherwise provided in this twTransortatln be- Act; and "official purposes" shall not include the transportation of place of employment. officers and employees between their domiciles and places of employ- ment, except as to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia and in cases of officers and employees the character of whose duties makes such transportation necessary, and then only as to such latter cases when the same is approved by the Commissioners: ros tation. Provided, That no passenger-carrying automobile, except busses, station wagons, patrol wagons, and ambulances, and except as other- wise specifically authorized in this Act, shall be acquired under any provision of this Act, by purchase or exchange, at a cost, including Restrictionontrans- the value of a vehicle exchanged, exceeding $650. No motor vehicles shall be transferred from the police or fire departments to any other branch of the government of the District of Columbia. Fminsuran ce pre Appropriations in this Act shall not be used for the payment of premiums or other cost of fire insurance. Streetcar and bus The Commissioners are authorized, in their discretion, to furnish necessary transportation in connection with strictly official business of the District of Columbia by the purchase of streetcar and bus mo, on ex- fares from appropriations contained in this Act: Provided, That penditures. the expenditures herein authorized shall be so apportioned as not to Fire and police do exceed a total of $11,100: Provided further, That the provisions of prtmetsepted this paragraph shall not include the appropriations herein made for the fire and police departments. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE ersonal services. For personal services and miscellaneous and contingent expenses required for maintaining a public employment service for the District of Columbia, $4,640. EMERGENCY FUND Emergency fund. To be expended in case of emergency, such as riot, pestilence, public insanitary conditions, calamity by flood, or fire, or storm, and of like character, and for other purposes, in the discretion of the Com- missioners, $3,500, of which sum $1,000 shall be immediately avail- [54 STAT.