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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 SEWERS Personalservices. For personal services, $183,860. Cleaning, repairing, For cleaning and repairing sewers and basins, including the Motortrcks. replacement of the following motortrucks: Two at not to exceed $975 each and one at not to exceed $4,000; and for operation and mainte- nance of the sewage pumping service, including repairs to equipment, machinery, and pumping stations, and employment of mechanics and laborers, purchase of electricity, fuel, oil, waste, and other supplies, and the maintenance of non-passenger-carrying motor vehicles used in this work, $228,700. construction. For construction of sewers and receiving basins, including the maintenance of non-passenger-carrying motor vehicles used in this Motortrucks. work, and the replacement of the following motortrucks: One at not to exceed $975 and two at not to exceed $3,500 each, $300,000. Assessmentandper- For assessment and permit work, sewers, including not to exceed $1,000 for purchase or condemnation of rights-of-way for construc- tion, maintenance, and repair of public sewers, $275,000, of which $75,000 shall be immediately available. Mosquitocontrol. For the control and prevention of the spread of mosquitoes in the District of Columbia, including personal services, operation, main- Vehicles. tenance, and repair of motor-propelled vehicles, purchase of two . motortrucks at $550 each to replace two motorcycles and package Trasrolfundsto cars; purchase of oil, and other necessary expenses, $12,000: Pro- Public Health Serv- vided That of the amount herein appropriated there may be trans- ice. ferredin the interest of coordinating the work of mosquito control f, 5. in the District of Columbia, not to exceed $1,500 to the Public Health Service of the Federal Security Agency, the amount so transferred ewagetreatment to be available for the objects herein specified. plaetreatment Sewage treatment plant: For operation and maintenance, including salaries and wages of necessary employees, supplies, repairs to build- eicles in and equipment, purchase of electric power, fuel, oil, waste, and other necessary expenses, including the maintenance of non-passenger- carrying motor vehicles used in this work, $200,000. COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL OF REFUSE Personal services. For personal services, $137,020. Sweeping streets, For dust prevention, sweeping and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, avenues, etc. and suburban streets, under the immediate direction of the Commis- sioners, including services and purchase and maintenance of equip- ment, rent of storage rooms; maintenance and repair of garages; maintenance and repair of non-passenger-carrying motor-propelled vehicles necessary in cleaning streets, purchase and exchange of motor-propelled street-cleaning equipment, not to exceed $29,400, and necessary incidental expenses, $445,160. marbage, dead ani. To enable the Commissioners to carry out the provisions of existing law governing the collection and disposal of garbage, dead animals night soil, and miscellaneous refuse and ashes in the District of Columbia, including inspection; fencing of public and private prop- erty designated by the Commissioners as public dumps; including Vehicles. not to exceed $47,000 for the purchase and exchange of non-passenger- oton restr carrying motor vehicles; and incidental expenses, $920,000: Provided tion. That this appropriation shall not be available for collecting ashes or miscellaneous refuse from hotels and places of business or from apartment houses of four or more apartments in which the landlord furnishes heat to tenants. 314 [54 STAT.