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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333 -JUNE 12, 1940 Vehicles. Aggregate. Armory, construc- tion. Anacostia Park, de- velopment. Payment by D. 0 . 40 Stat. 1031 . Personal services. General expenses, public parks. of Columbia may be held responsible; cleaning and repairing uni- forms, arms, and equipment; instruction, purchase, and maintenance of athletic, gymnastic, and recreational equipment at armory or field encampments, not to exceed $500; practice marches, drills, and parades; rent of armories, drill halls, and storehouses; fuel, light, heat, care, and repair of armories, offices and storehouses; machinery and dock, including dredging alongside of dock; construction of buildings for storage and other purposes at target range; telephone service; printing, stationery, and postage; horses and mules for mounted organizations; maintenance and operation of passenger and non-passenger-carrying motor vehicles; streetcar fares (not to exceed $200) necessarily used in the transaction of official business; not exceeding $400 for traveling expenses, including attendance at meet- ings or conventions of associations pertaining to the National Guard; and for general incidental expenses of the service, $15,480; in all, $48,940. For continuing construction of an armory for the Militia of the District of Columbia, $1,100,000. ANACOSTIA RIVER AND FLATS For continuing the reclamation and development of Anacostia Park, in accordance with the revised plan as set forth in Senate Document Numbered 37, Sixty-eighth Congress, first session, $65,000. IMPROVEMENT OF WASHINGTON CHANNEL Toward the payment by the District of Columbia of its propor- tionate part of the cost of improving the north side of Washington Channel, District of Columbia, as set forth in the Act of Congress approved August 30, 1935, entitled "An Act authorizing the construc- tion, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes", $64,000, which sum shall be trans- ferred to the War Department and be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War and the supervision of the Chief of Engineers, and shall continue available until expended. NATIONAL CAPITAL PARKS SALARIES, PUBLIC PARKS, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA For personal services, $350,990. GENERAL EXPENSES, PUBLIC PARKS General expenses: For general expenses in connection with the maintenance, care, improvement, furnishing of heat, light, and power of public parks, grounds, fountains and reservations, propa- gating gardens and greenhouses under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, including the tourists' camp on its present site in East Potomac Park, and including personal services of sea- sonal or intermittent employees at per-diem rates of pay approved by the Secretary of the Interior, not exceeding current rates of pay for similar employment in the District of Columbia; placing and maintaining portions of the parks in condition for outdoor sports and for expenses incident to the conducting of band concerts in the parks; the hire of draft animals with or without drivers at local rates approved by said Secretary; the purchase and maintenance of draft animals, harness, and wagons; contingent expenses; city direc- 332 [54 STAT.