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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3 D SESS.-CH. 343 -JUNE 13, 1940 introducing water, electric light and power, gas, and sewerage, includ- ing maintenance, operation, and repair of such utilities at such plants, for the procurement of helium gas; for travel of officers and enlisted men of the Air Corps by air in connection with the administration of this appropriation, including the transportation of new aircraft from factory to first destination; salaries and wages of civilian Civilian employees. employees as may be necessary; transportation of materials in con- nection with consolidation of Air Corps activities; experimental Developmentofnew investigations and purchase and development of new types of air- typesof arcraft. planes, autogiros, and balloons, accessories thereto, and aviation engines, including plans, drawings, and specifications thereof; for the Purchase, constrc- purchase, manufacture, and construction of airplanes and balloons, tion, et. , ofaircraft. including instruments and appliances of every sort and description necessary for the operation, construction (airplanes and balloons), or equipment of all types of aircraft, and all necessary spare parts and equipment connected therewith; or the marking of military air- Markisnof 1 ilitary ways where the purchase of land is not involved; for the purchase, manufacture, and issue of special clothing, wearing apparel, and similar equipment for aviation purposes; for all necessary expenses Sleofsurphsetc. connected with the sale or disposal of surplus of obsolete aeronautical ment, expenses. equipment, and the rental of buildings, and other facilities for the handling or storage of such equipment; for the rental of office space and other facilities in connection with Air Corps procurement activities; for the services of not more than four consulting engineers Consuting engi- at experimental stations of the Air Corps as the Secretary of War may deem necessary, at rates of pay to be fixed by him not to exceed $50 a day for not exceeding fifty days each and necessary traveling expenses; purchase of special apparatus and appliances, repairs, and replacements of same used in connection with special scientific medical research in the Air Corps; for maintenance and operation of such Priting plants Air Corps printing plants outside of the District of Columbia as may be authorized in accordance with law; for publications, station libraries, special furniture, supplies and equipment for offices, shops, and laboratories; for special services, including the salvaging of wrecked aircraft; for settlement of claims (not exceeding $250 each) Settlement of for damage to persons and private property resulting from the opera- tion of aircraft at home and abroad when each claim is substantiated by a survey report of a board of officers appointed by the commanding officer of the nearest aviation post and approved by the Chief of Air Corps and the Secretary of War, $265,886,418, of which $3,300,000 Payments under shall be available under the appropriation "Air Corps, Army, 1939", 2 St1t. 6 4. and $76,205,988 shall be available under the appropriation "Air Pot,p. . Corps, Army, 1940", for payments under contracts for the procure- ment of new airplanes and of equipment, spare parts, and accessories for airplanes, as authorized by said appropriations: Provided, That e iu. $10,000 shall be transferred to and made available to the Bureau of Pt, p. 443 . Mines on July 1, 1940, for supplying helium: Provided further,That New airp'lanes, in addition to the amounts herein appropriated the Chief of the Air tracts. Corps, when authorized by the Secretary of War, may enter into contracts between the date of the approval of this Act and July 1, 1941, for the procurement of new airplanes and for the procurement of equipment, spare parts, and accessories for airplanes to an amount not in excess of $103,300,000, and his action in so doing shall be deemed a contractual obligation of the Federal Government for the payment of the cost thereof: Provided further, That of the amount Poremet herein appropriated and the amount herein authorized for contractual obligation not less than $123,741,994 shall be applied to the procure- ment of new airplanes and their equipment and accessories, of which 365