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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 343-JUNE 13. 1940 sories, building and repairing butts and targets, clearing and grad- ing ranges, $24,713,053, of which amount not to exceed $740,000 shall be available for payments under contracts for the pro- curement of chemical warfare equipment under the authorization contained in the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1939: Provided, That in addition to the amount herein appropriated, the Chief of Chemical Warfare Service, when authorized by the Secretary of War, may enter into contracts prior to July 1, 1941, for the procurement of chemical warfare equipment to an amount not in excess of $2,036,910, and his action in so doing shall be deemed a contractual obligation of the Federal Government for the payment of the cost thereof. CHIEF OF INFANTRY INFANTRY SCHOOL, FORT BENNING, GEORGIA For the procurement of books, publications, instruments, and materials, pay of employees, and other necessary expenses for instruc- tion at the Infantry School, $62,268. CHIEF OF CAVALRY INSTRUCTION IN CAVALRY ACTIVITIES For the purchase of textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers, instruments, and materials for instruction; employment of temporary, technical, special, and clerical services; and for other necessary expenses of instruction at the Cavalry School, Fort Riley, Kansas; and for the instruction of the Army in cavalry activities, $29,040. CHIEF OF FIEL ARTILLERY INSTRUCTION IN FIELD ARTILLERY ACTIVITIES For the pay of employees; the purchase of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and newspapers; procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment for instruction purposes; and other expenses necessary in the operation of the Field Artillery School of the Army, and for the instruction of the Army in Field Artillery activities, $28,650. CHIEF OF COAST ARTILLERY COAST ARTILLERY SCHOOL, FORT MONROE, VIRGINIA For purchase of engines, generators, motors, machines, measuring and laboratory instruments, special apparatus, and materials; for purchase and binding of professional books; for newspapers and periodicals; for incidental expenses; for pay of employees; for office furniture and fixtures; for maintenance, operation, and repair of motor vehicles; and unforseen expenses; in all, $30,955. SEACOAST DEFENSES For all expenses incident to the preparation of plans and the con- struction, purchase, installation, equipment, maintenance, repair, and operation of fortifications and other works of defense, and their accessories, including personal services, ammunition storage, main- tenance of channels to submarine-mine wharves, purchase of lands and rights-of-way as authorized by law, acquisition of leaseholds and other interests therein, and temporary use thereof, and payments for leasehold interests may be made in advance for the entire term 193470°-41-PT . I 24 369 Payments under contracts. 53 Stat. 643. Proviso. Contracts author- ized. Post, p. 969. Post, p. 969. Instruction ex- penses. Post, p. 969. Post, p . 969. Instruction ex- penses. Post, p. 969. Post, p. 969. Instruction ex- penses. Pos, p. 969 . Post, p. 969. Instruction ex- penses. Post, pp. 378, 602, 603, 874, 969. Expenses. Leaseholds, etc.