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382 Effective date; re- peal of conflicting, etc., laws. June 13, 1940 [S. 1777] [Public, No. 613] Lit River. Neg vision of, aut U. tive. Rep Pro Api ment. PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 344346-JUNE 13, 1940 [54 STAT. SEC. 5 . Except as otherwise provided, this Act shall be effective July 1, 1940, and all laws and parts of laws, so far as they are incon- sistent with or in conflict with any of the provisions hereof, are hereby repealed as of that date. Approved, June 13, 1940. [CHAPTER 345] AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the States of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming to negotiate and enter into a compact or agree- ment for division of the waters of the Little Missouri River. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the tie Missouri United States of America in Congress assembled, That consent of otiations for di- Congress is hereby gven to the States of Montana, North Dakota, of atersupply South Dakota, and Wyoming to negotiate and enter into a compact or agreement not later than January 1, 1943, providing for an equita- ble division and apportionment among the States of the water supply of the Little Missouri River and of the streams tributary thereto, s. representa- upon conditions that one suitable person, who shall be appointed by the President of the United States, shall participate in said negotia- , ort to congress. tions as the representative of the United States and shall make report to Congress of the proceedings and of any compact or agreement Viso. entered into: Provided, That any such compact or agreement shall 3roval of agree- rovo not be binding or obligatory upon any of the parties thereto unless and until the same shall have been approved by the legislature of each of said States and by the Congress of the United States. Approved, June 13, 1940. [CHAPTER 346] June 13, 1940 [S. 23281 [Public, No. 614] Army. Promotion on re- tired list of certain decorated officers. 41 Stat. 773. 10U..0.1.71. Provisos. Deceased officers. No increase of pay, etc. AN ACT To promote on the retired list officers who were decorated and recommended for promotion for distinguished service during the World War and who have not attained the rank to which recommended. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That any commis- sioned officer of the Army below the grade of brigadier general, now retired or hereafter retired, except those retired under the provisions of section 24b of the Act of June 4, 1920, who for services rendered during the World War was officially recommended in writing for promotion to increased rank by a division commander or coordinate or higher authority or by the chief of a staff corps or department, and who has not attained said rank, and who as evidenced by bestowal of Medal of Honor or Distinguished Service Cross or Dis- tinguished Service Medal rendered exceptionally meritorious serv- ices or demonstrated gallantry in action beyond the call of duty shall, upon application, be advanced one grade on the retired list: Provided, That any such officer on the active or retired list who died or may die prior to the approval of this Act, or on the active list who may here- after die before retirement, shall upon application in his behalf be advanced one grade as of date of death: Provided further, That such promotion shall not carry with it any increase of pay or allowances. Approved, June 13, 1940.