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PUBLIC LAWS--H . 350-JUNE 13, 1940 [CHAPTER 350] AN ACT June 13, 1940 [J. 34911o To provide that fines for failure to pay license taxes in Alaska shall be disposed of [Public, No. 618] as provided for the disposition of such taxes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Fines for nonay- United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 7 of ment of license taxes. the Act of June 6, 1900 (ch. 786, 31 Stat. 324, as amended; 35 Stat. 840; U. S. C., title 48, sec. 106), be, and it is hereby, amended to read as follows: Number of clerks; "SEo. 7 . That four clerks shall be appointed for the court, one of assinment; residence whom shall be assigned to each division thereof, and during his term of office shall reside at such place in the division as the Attorney Duties. General may direct. Each clerk shall, in his division of the district perform the duties required or authorized by law to be performed by clerks of United States courts in other districts, and such other duties as may be prescribed by the laws of the United States relating to the district of Alaska. He shall preserve copies of all laws applicable to the district and shall preserve all records and record all proceed- Collection and re- ings and official acts of his division of the court. He shall also collect ceipt of . and receive all moneys arising from the fees of his office, from licenses, fines, forfeitures, judgments, or on any other account author- Application. ized by law to be paid to or collected by him, and shall apply the same, except the money derived from licenses and fines imposed for failure to pay license taxes, to the incidental expenses of the proper division of the district court and the allowance thereof as directed in Accounting. written orders, duly made and signed by the judge, and shall account for the same in detail, and for any balances on account thereof, under oath, quarterly, or more frequently if required, to the court, ispostionofdesig- the Attorney General, and the Secretary of the Treasury: Provided, nated fines; other That fines imposed and collected for failure to pay license taxes shall moneys. be disposed of as provided by law for the disposition of such license taxes; and moneys accruing from violations of the customs laws, civil customs cases, or internal-revenue cases, moneys, not including costs, accruing from civil post-office suits, fines in criminal cases for viola- tions of the postal laws, the net proceeds of sales of public property 31U. . C .C47. under section 3618, Revised Statutes, as amended, and any other moneys the disposition of which is otherwise specially provided for by law, shall not be available for the expenses of the court, but shall Deposit of balances. be paid over or deposited as provided by law for other districts. And after all payments ordered by the judge shall have been made, any balances remaining in the hands of the clerk shall be by him deposited to the credit of the United States at such times and under such rules Other duties of and regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. The clerks. clerk shall be ex officio recorder of instruments as hereinafter provided and also register of wills for the division, and shall establish secure offices for the safekeeping of his official record where terms of his Deputies; clerical division of the court are held. He may appoint necessary deputies and employ other necessary clerical assistance to aid him in the expeditious discharge of the duties of his office, with the approval and at compensation to be fixed by the court or judge, subject to the approval of the Attorney General. Any person so appointed or employed shall be paid by the clerk on the order of the judge, as other court expenses are paid.". Approved, June 13, 1940. 384 [54 STAT.