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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 360-JUNE 13, 1940 quota is increased or decreased above or below the last preceding national marketing quota: Provided, That in the case of flue-cured tobacco no allotment shall be decreased below the 1940 allotment if such allotment was two acres or less, and in the case of burley tobacco no allotment shall be decreased below the 1939 allotment if such allotment was one-half acre or less, or below the 1940 allotment if such allotment was over one-half acre and not over one acre: And provided further, That an additional acreage not in excess of 2 per centum of the total acreage allotted to all farms in each State in 1940 shall be allotted by the local committees, without regard to the ratio aforesaid, among farms in the State in accordance with regu- lations prescribed by the Secretary so as to establish allotments which the committees find will be fair and equitable in relation to the past acreage of tobacco (harvested and diverted); land, labor, and equip- ment available for the production of tobacco; and crop-rotation practices." SEC. 5 . That section 314 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended, is amended by inserting "(a)" immediately before the first word therein and by adding at the end of the section the following: "If any producer falsely identifies or fails to account for the disposition of any tobacco, an amount of tobacco equal to the normal yield of the number of acres harvested in excess of the farm- acreage allotment shall be deemed to have been marketed in excess of the marketing quota for the farm, and the penalty in respect thereof shall be paid and remitted by the producer. Tobacco carried over by the producer thereof from one marketing year to another may be marketed without payment of the penalty imposed by this section if the total amount of tobacco available for marketing from the farm in the marketing year from which the tobacco is carried over did not exceed the farm marketing quota established for the farm for such marketing year (or which would have been established if marketing quotas had been in effect for such marketing year), or if the tobacco so carried over does not exceed the normal production of that number of acres by which the harvested acreage of tobacco in the calendar year in which the marketing year begins is less than the farm- acreage allotment. Tobacco produced in a calendar year in which marketing quotas are in effect for the marketing year beginning therein shall be subject to such quotas even though it is marketed prior to the date on which such marketing year begins. "(b) The Secretary shall require collection of the penalty upon a proportion of each lot of tobacco marketed from the farm equal to the proportion which the tobacco available for marketing from the farm in excess of the farm marketing quota is of the total amount of tobacco available for marketing from the farm if satisfactory proof is not furnished as to the disposition to be made of such excess tobacco prior to the marketing of any tobacco from the farm. All funds collected pursuant to this section shall be deposited in a special deposit account with the Treasurer of the United States until the end of the marketing year next succeeding that in which the funds are collected, and upon certification by the Secretary there shall be paid out of such special deposit account to persons designated by the Secretary the amount by which the penalty collected exceeds the amount of penalty due upon tobacco marketed in excess of the farm marketing quota for any farm. Such special account shall be admin- istered by the Secretary, and the basis for, the amount of, and the person entitled to receive a payment from such account, when deter- mined in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary, shall be final and conclusive." 393 Provisos. Limitation on de- crease of allotments. Allotment of addi- tional acreage. 52 Stat. 48. 7U.S.C., Supp.V, 1314. Penalties. False identification, etc., of tobacco by producer. Tobacco carried over. Designated tobacco subject to quotas. Colloction of penalt y. Deposit of funds in special account. Payments. Administration.