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[54 STAT. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 395-JUNE 18, 1940 best methods of utilizing the water resources, $1,224,500, of which amount not to exceed $140,000 may be expended for personal services Proviso0. in the District of Columbia: Provided,That no part of this appro- stpeates n priation shall be expended in cooperation with States or munici- palities except upon the basis of the State or municipality bearing all of the expense incident thereto in excess of such an amount as is necessary for the Geological Survey to perform its share of general water resource investigations, such share of the Geological Survey in no case exceeding 50 per centum of the cost of the investigation: Amount available. Provided further, That $1,000,000 of this amount shall be available only for such cooperation with States or municipalities; Classification of Classification of lands: For the examination and classification of lands. a n ds lands with respect to mineral character and water resources as required by the public-land laws and for related administrative operations; for the preparation and publication of mineral-land classification and water-resources maps and reports; for engineering supervision of power permits and grants under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior; and for performance of work of the Federal Power Commission, $105,000, of which amount not to exceed $60,000 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia; Printing and bind- Printing and binding, and so forth: For printing and binding, ing, etc. $130,000; for preparation of illustrations, $25,000; and for engraving and printing geologic and topographic maps, $173,400; in all, $328,400; Mineral leasing. Mineral leasing: For the enforcement of the provisions of the 38297Stat.a437,1303t Acts of October 20, 1914 (48 U.. C. 435), October 2, 191 (30 U. S. C . 141), February 25, 1920 (30 U. S . C . 181), as amended, and March 4, 1921 (48 U. S . C. 444), and other Acts relating to the mining and recovery of minerals on Indian and public lands and naval petroleum reserves; and for every other expense incident Supplies, etc. thereto, including supplies, equipment, expenses of travel and sub- sistence, the construction, maintenance, and repair of necessary camp buildings and appurtenances thereto, $315,000, of which amount not to exceed $65,000 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia; Cooperative work During the fiscal year 1941 the head of any department or inde- vesttigaoetc. , in- pendent establishment of the Government having funds available for scientific and technical investigations and requiring cooperative work by the Geological Survey on scientific and technical investi- gations within the scope of the functions of that Bureau and which it is unable to perform within the limits of its appropriations may, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, transfer to the Geological Survey such sums as may be necessary to carry on such Transfer of funds. investigations. The Secretary of the Treasury shall transfer on the books of the Treasury Department any sums which may be authorized hereunder, and such amounts shall be placed to the credit of the Geological Survey for the performance of work for the department or establishment from which the transfer is made: Ro' iaos. Provided, That any sums transferred by any department or inde- pentp . pend nent establishment of the Government to the Geological Survey for cooperative work in connection with this appropriation may be expended in the same manner as sums appropriated herein may be C oopeative wors expended: Provided further, That any funds herein appropriated for the Geological Survey for cooperative work may be utilized prior to July 1, 1940, as required to enable the Geological Survey to con- tinue its cooperative work pending reimbursement from cooperative agencies, the amount required for such cooperative work to be placed to the credit of the 1940 appropriation account of the Geological 440