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444 Maintenance, etc., of plants. Cooperative work on scientific investiga- tions. Transfer of sums. Proviso. Expenditure. Traveling expenses. Detail of field em- ployees. Traveling expenses. Proviso. Payment ofemploy- ees' expenses. Report to Congress. Details from Public Health Service. Holding of desig- nated offce by Royd R. Sayers. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 395-JUNE 18, 1940 War and Navy Departments for the acquisition of helium from the Bureau of Mines shall be transferred to the Bureau of Mines on July 1, 1940, for operation and maintenance of the plants for the produc- tion of helium for military and naval purposes, including laboratory loves, goggles, rubber boots, and aprons; purchase, not to exceed 1,200, and exchange as part payment for, maintenance, operation, and repair of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles for official use in field work, and all other necessary expenses, and including $11,300 for personal services in the District of Columbia; During the fiscal year 1941 the head of any department or inde- pendent establishment of the Government having funds available for scientific investigations and requiring cooperative work by the Bureau of Mines on scientific investigations within the scope of the functions of that Bureau and which it is unable to perform within the limits of its appropriations may, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, transfer to the Bureau of Mines such sums as may be neces- sary to carry on such investigations. The Secretary of the Treasury shall transfer on the books of the Treasury Department any sums which may be authorized hereunder, and such amounts shall be placed to the credit of the Bureau of Mines for the performance of work for the department or establishment from which the transfer is made: Provided, That any sums transferred by any department or inde- pendent establishment of the Government to the Bureau of Mines for cooperative work in connection with this appropriation may be expended in the same manner as sums appropriated herein may be expended; For necessary traveling expenses of the Director and employees of the Bureau, acting under his direction, for attendance upon meetings of technical, professional, and scientific societies, when required in connection with the authorized work of the Bureau of Mines and incurred on the written authority of the Secretary of the Interior, there is hereby made available from any appropriations made to the Bureau of Mines not to exceed in all, $3,000; Persons employed during the fiscal year 1941 in field work outside of the District of Columbia under the Bureau of Mines may be detailed temporarily for service in the District of Columbia for the purpose of preparing results of their field work; all persons so detailed shall be paid in addition to their regular compensation only traveling expenses in going to and returning therefrom: Provided,That nothing herein shall prevent the payment to employees of the Bureau of Mines of their necessary expenses, or per diem in lieu of subsistence, while on temporary detail in the District of Columbia for purposes only of consultation or investigations on behalf of the Unitea States. All details made hereinunder, and the purposes of each, during the preceding fiscal year shall be reported in the annual estimates of appropriations to Congress at the beginning of each regular session thereof; The Federal Security Administrator may detail medical officers of the Public Health Service for cooperative health, safety, or sani- tation work with the Bureau of Mines, and the compensation and expenses of the officers so detailed may be paid from the applicable appropriations made herein for the Bureau of Mines; Notwithstanding any other provisions of law Royd R. Sayers, a commissioned officer on the active list. United States Public Health Service, is authorized to hold the office of Director of the Bureau of Mines in the Department of the Interior without loss of or prejudice to his status as a commissioned officer on the active list of the United States Public Health Service and if appointed to such civil office he shall receive in lieu of his pay and allowances as such commissioned officer the salary prescribed by law for such civil office; [54 STAT.