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[54 STAT. machines, filing devices, and other office equipment and labor-saving devices, stationery, telephone and telegraph service, postage stamps for official use, express, freight, and drayage charges, traveling, and all other expenses necessary in conducting investigations and carry- ing out the work of the Bureau, including cooperation with Federal, State, county, or other agencies or with farm bureaus, organizations, or individuals, as follows: SALARIES AND EXPENSES General administra- General administrative expenses: For necessary expenses for general administrative purposes, including the salary of Chief of Bureau and other personal services in the District of Columbia, $116,600. Foodhabits of birds Food habits of birds and animals: For investigating the food nd an ils. habits and economic value of North American birds and animals in relation to agriculture, horticulture, and forestry, including methods of conserving beneficial and controlling injurious birds and animals, $68,140. Fur resources in. Vesttions. ur resources investigations; For investigations, experiments, demonstrations, and cooperation in connection with the production and utilization of animals the pelts of which are used commercially for fur, including the erection of necessary buildings and other structures, $91,000. Btilgc invostiga - Biological investigations: For biological investigations, including the relations, habits, geographic distribution, and migration of ani- mals and plants, and the preparation of maps of the life zones, and including $45,738 for investigations of the relations of wild animal 45 Stat.70. life to forests, under section 5 of the Act approved May 22, 1928 (16 U. S . C. 581d), and for investigations of the wildlife resources of the Territory of Alaska, including the erection of necessary buildings and other structures, $198,300. Control otpredatory Control of predatory animals and injurious rodents: For investiga- animals and injurious rodents, tions, demonstrations, and cooperation in destroying animals injuri- ous to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, and wild 46 Stat. 1408 . game, as authorized by the Act of March 2, 1931 (7 U. S . C . 426- 426b); and in protecting stock and other domestic animals through the suppression of rabies and other diseases in predatory wild ani- Pocatelo. Idaho, mals; and for construction, repairs, additions, and installations in epoandabortory. and about the grounds and buildings of the game-management supply depot and laboratory at Pocatello, Idaho, including pur- chase, transportation, and handling of supplies and materials for distribution from said depot to other projects, in accordance with the 49 Stat. 1913. 16 U. S . C ., Supp. provisions of the Act approved June 24, 1936 (16 U. S . C. 667), v,I667. $850,000. Protection of migra- Protection of migratory birds: For all necessary expenses for 40 tat. 75; 49Stat. enforcing the provisions of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of July 3, 16 U. S. C. . Supp. 1918, as amended by the Act of June 20, 1936 (16 U. S. C. 703-711), V, II 73-79a. to carry into effect the treaty with Great Britain for the protection of birds migrating between the United States and Canada (39 Stat., 60otat. 1311 . pt. 2, 1702), and the convention between the United States and the United Mexican States for the protection of migratory birds and game mammals; for cooperation with local authorities in the protec- tion of migratory birds, and for necessary investigations connected therewith; for the enforcement of sections 241, 242, 243, and 244 of st3Sat. 1137; 49 the Act approved March 4, 1909, as amended (18 U. S. C. 391-394), 18 U. . C. , Supp. and for the enforcement of section 1 of the Act approved May 25, 31 stat.187. 1900 (16 U. S . 701), including all necessary investigations in con- tion of law vionaio nection therewith, $365,300, of which not to exceed $10,000 may be expended in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior for the PUBLIC LAWS--H. 39--JUNE 18, 1940 452