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PUBLIC LAWS-- H. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 with the mechanical and structural maintenance of such buildings and grounds, $36,539, of which $3,649 shall be immediately available. Furniture, etc. Furniture, and so forth: For furniture, including partitions, screens, shelving, and electrical work pertaining thereto and repairs thereof, $94,799, of which amount $58,878 shall be available imme- diately. BOTANIC GARDEN Salaries. 42 Stat. 1488. 5U. C.C. 661-674; Supp. V, 6§ 673, 673c. Maintenance, oper- ation, repairs, and im- provements. Traveling expenses. Vehicles. Purchase of plants, etc. Post, p. 1110 . 41 U. S. C., Supp. V, I5. Distributionofnurs- ery stock. Open-market pur- chase of supplies. 41U. .c. §C5,16; Bnpp. V, 66 6, 16. Post, p . 1109W. Salaries. Provieo. Transfer of funds. Restriction. Salaries: For personal services (including not exceeding $3,000 for miscellaneous temporary labor without regard to the Classifica- tion Act of 1923, as amended), $81,662; all under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library. Maintenance, operation, repairs, and improvements: For all nec- essary expenses incident to maintaining, operating, repairing, and improving the Botanic Garden, and the nurseries, buildings, grounds, and equipment pertaining thereto, including procuring fertilizers, soils, tools, trees, shrubs, plants, and seeds; materials and miscel- laneous supplies, including rubber boots and aprons when required for use by employees in connection with their work; not to exceed $25 for emergency medical supplies; disposition of waste; traveling expenses of the Director and his assistants not to exceed $250; street- car fares not exceeding $25; office equipment and contingent expenses; the prevention and eradication of insect and other pests and plant diseases by purchase of materials and procurement of personal serv- ices by contract without regard to the provisions of any other Act; repair, maintenance, operation, purchase, and exchange of motor- trucks and a passenger motor vehicle (the cost of such passenger vehicle not to exceed $750, including the amount allowed on any vehicle given in part payment therefor); purchase of botanical books, periodicals, and books of reference, not to exceed $100; repairs and improvements to Director's residence; and all other necessary expenses; all under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library, $23,125. The sum of $300 may be expended at any one time by the Botanic Garden for the purchase of plants, trees, shrubs, and other nursery stock, without reference to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S. C. 5). No part of the appropriations contained herein for the Botanic Garden shall be used for the distribution, by congressional allot- ment, of trees, plants, shrubs, or other nursery stock. The purchase of supplies and equipment and the procurement of services at the Botanic Garden may be made in the open market with- out compliance with sections 3709 and 3744 of the Revised Statutes of the United States in the manner common among businessmen, when the aggregate amount of the purchase or the services does not exceed $50 in any instance. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Salaries, Library, Proper: For the Librarian, the Librarian Emeritus, Chief Assistant Librarian, and other personal services including special and temporary services and extra special services of regular employees (not exceeding $2,000) at rates to be fixed by the Librarian, $1,256,920, of which sum $8,820 shall be immediately avail- able: Provided, That not to exceed $10,000 of any money accruing from lapses under this appropriation may be transferred in such sums as the Librarian may designate to the appropriations for the Copyright Office Union Catalogs, Distribution of Card Indexes, and Library Buildings; but none of such transferred funds shall be utilized for the employment of additional personnel. 474 [54 STAT.