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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 409-JUNE 21, 1940 Construction, etc., not begun prior to July 1,1939; exception. such order of the Secretary or within such additional time as the Secretary, for good cause shown, may allow. (c) Any bridge (except a bridge to which subsection (b) applies) the construction, reconstruction, or alteration of which was required by an order of the Secretary issued prior to July 1, 1939, and was not begun before such date, shall be subject to the provisions of this Act as though such order had not been issued, and compliance with the provisions of this Act and with such orders as may be issued thereunder shall be considered to constitute compliance with such order issued prior to July 1, 1939, and with the provisions of law under which it was issued. RELOCATION OF BRIDGES Relocation, etc., of railroad bridge. Apportionment of cost. Proviso. Restriction on pay- ments by U. S. Certificate of House of Representatives. Certificate of origin. SEC. 13. If the owner of any bridge used for railroad traffic and the Secretary shall agree that in order to remove an obstruction to navigation, or for any other purpose, a relocation of such bridge or the construction of a new bridge upon a new location would be pref- erable to an alteration of the existing bridge, such relocation or new construction may be carried out at such new site and upon such terms as may be acceptable to the bridge owner and the Secretary, and the cost of such relocation or new construction, including also any expense of changes in and additions to rights-of-way, stations, tracks, spurs, sidings, switches, signals, and other railroad facilities and property, and relocation of shippers required for railroad connection with the bridge at the new site, shall be apportioned as between the bridge owner and the United States in the manner which is provided for in section 6 hereof in the case of an alteration and the share of the United States paid from the appropriation authorized in section 8 hereof: Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed as requiring the United States to pay any part of the expense of building any bridge across a navigable stream which the Secretary of War shall not find to be, in fact, a relocation of an existing bridge. WM B. BANKHEAD Speaker of the House of Representatives. JNO N GARNER Vice President of the United States and Presidentof the Senate. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRENTATIVES, U. S ., June 19, 1940. The House of Representatives having proceeded to reconsider the bill (H. R . 9381) entitled "An Act to provide for the alteration of certain bridges over navigable waters of the United States, for the apportionment of the cost of such alterations between the United States and the owners of such bridges, and for other purposes" re- turned by the President of the United States with his objections, to the House of Representatives, in which it originated, it was Resolved, That the said bill pass, two-thirds of the House of Representatives agreeing to pass the same. Attest: SoUTH TRIBLE Clerk. I certify that this Act originated in the House of Representatives. SOUTH ThIMBLE Clerk. 502 [54 STAT.