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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 415-JUNE 24, 1940 For civil government of the Panama Canal and Canal Zone, includ- Cvi government ing gratuities and necessary clothing for indigent discharged prisoners, $1,192,011. Total, Panama Canal, $44,248,771, to be available until expended. In addition to the foregoing sums there is appropriated for the Addittionalssap fiscal year 1941 for expenditures and reinvestment under the severalro heads of appropriation aforesaid, without being covered into the Treasury of the United States, and to remain available until expended, all moneys received by the Panama Canal during the fiscal year 1941 and prior fiscal years (exclusive of net profits for such prior fiscal years) from services rendered or materials and supplies furnished to the United States, the Panama Railroad Company, the Canal Zone government, or to their employees, respectively, or to the Panama Government, from hotel and hospital supplies and services; from rentals, wharfage, and like service; from labor, mate- rials, and supplies and other services furnished to vessels other than those passing through the Canal, and to others unable to obtain the same elsewhere; from the sale of scrap and other byproducts of manufacturing and shop operations; from the sale of obsolete and unserviceable materials, supplies, and equipment purchased or acquired for the operation, maintenance, protection, sanitation, and government of the Canal and Canal Zone; and any net profits accru- pDisosition of net ing from such business to the Panama Canal shall annually be cov- ered into the Treasury of the United States. There is also appropriated for the fiscal year 1941 for the opera- paterworks, etc. tion, maintenance, and extension of waterworks, sewers, and pave- ments in the cities of Panama and Colon, to remain available until expended, the necessary portions of such sums as shall be paid during that fiscal year as water-rentals or directly by the Government of Panama for such expenses.e SEC. 2 . No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall Caenal re, civtien be used directly or indirectly after May 1, 1941, except for temporary ship reuirement; ex- employment in case of emergency, for the payment of any civilian ception. for services rendered by him on the Canal Zone while occupying a skilled, technical, clerical, administrative, executive, or supervisory position unless such person is a citizen of the United States of America or of the Republic of Panama: Provided,however, (1) That, Employment of notwithstanding the provision in the Act approved August 11, 1939 P S. aann citizens (53 Stat. 1409), limiting employment in the above-mentioned posi- v, 1307. tions to citizens of the United States from and after the date of the approval of said Act, citizens of Panama may be employed in such positions; (2) that at no time shall the number of Panamanian citi- Number zens employed in the above-mentioned positions exceed the number of citizens of the United States so employed, if United States citizens P are available in continental United States or on the Canal Zone; (3) sered 15 years. that nothing in this Act shall prohibit the continued employment of any person who shall have rendered fifteen or more years of faithful and honorable service on the Canal Zone; (4) that in the selection of seon f per- personnel for skilled, technical, administrative, clerical, supervisory, or executive positions, the controlling factors in filling these positions shall be efficiency, experience, training, and education; (5) that all m;rates of paoy citizens of Panama and the United States rendering skilled, technical, clerical, administrative, executive, or supervisory service on the Canal Zone under the terms of this Act (a) shall normally be employed not more than forty hours per week, (b) may receive as compensation equal rates of pay based upon rates paid for similar employment in continental United States plus 25 per centum; (6) this entire section applicblet r shall apply only to persons employed in skilled, technical, clerical, sons. administrative, executive, or supervisory positions on the Canal Zone 511