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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 421 -JUNE 25, 1940 Use of central store- house. Segregation of trans- actions. Purchase of desig- nated twine. Rent of buildings, D.O . Salaries and ex- penses. Salaries and ex- penses. Personal services. Printing and bind- Ing. Post, p. 867 . Annual Report of Secretary. 28 Stat. 601. 44 U. S. C., Supp. V, §215, 215a. 38 Stat. 1110; 49 Stat. 1550 . 5U. S.C., Supp.V, §108. 34 Stat. 825. Farmers' bulletins. 40 stat. 2. tion: Provided further, That the facilities of the central storehouse of the Department shall to the fullest extent practicable be used to make unnecessary the maintenance of separate bureau storehouse activities in the Department: Provided further, That a separate schedule of expenditures, transfers of funds, or other transactions hereunder shall be included in the annual Budget: Provided further, That, except to provide materials required in or incident to research or experimental work where no suitable domestic product is available, no part of the funds appropriated by this Act shall be expended in the purchase of twine manufactured from commodities or materials produced outside of the United States. RENT OF BUImDINGS IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA For rent of buildings and parts of buildings in the District of Columbia, for use of the various bureaus, divisions, and offices of the Department of Agriculture, $165,502. Total, Office of the Secretary, $868,122. OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR Salaries and expenses: For the employment of personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, and for other necessary expenses, $268,280, of which not to exceed $223,581 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia. OFFICE OF INFORMATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES For necessary expenses in connection with the publication, index- ing, illustration, and distribution of bulletins, documents, and reports, including labor-saving machinery and supplies, envelopes, stationery and materials, office furniture and fixtures, photographic equipment and materials, artists' tools and supplies, telephone and telegraph service, freight and express charges; purchase and maintenance of bicycles; purchase of manuscripts; travel expenses; electrotypes, illus- trations, and other expenses not otherwise provided for, $350,000, of which not to exceed $332,020 may be used for personal services in the District of Columbia. PRINTING AND BINDING For all printing and binding for the Department of Agriculture, including all of its bureaus, offices, institutions, and services located in Washington, District of Columbia, and elsewhere, $1,637,435, includ- ing the purchase of reprints of scientific and technical articles pub- lished in periodicals and journals; the Annual Report of the Secre- tar of Agriculture, as required by the Acts of January 12, 1895 (44 U.S. C . 111, 212-220, 222, 241, 244), March 4, 1915 (7. ST.C. 418) and June 20, 1936 (5 U. S. C 108) and in pursuance of the Act approved March 30, 1906 (44 U.S. C. 214, 224), and also including not to exceed $250,000 for farmers' bulletins, which shall be adapted to the interests of the people of the different sections of the country, an equal proportion of four-fifths of which shall be delivered to or sent out under the addressed franks furnished by the Senators, Repre- sentatives, and Delegates in Congress, as they shall direct, but not including work done at the field printing plants of the Weather Bureau and of the Forest Service authorized by the Joint Committee on Printing, in accordance with the Act approved March 1, 1919 534 [54 STAT.