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BUREAU OF AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY AND ENGINEERING SALARIES AND EXPENSES Intliations, etc. For investigations, experiments, and demonstrations hereinafter authorized, independently or in cooperation with other branches of the Department of Agriculture, other departments or agencies of the Federal Government, States, State agricultural experiment stations, universities, and other State agencies and institutions, counties, municipalities, business, farm, or other organizations and corpora- tions, individuals, associations, and scientific societies, including the employment of necessary persons and means in the city of Wash- ington and elsewhere; and for erection, alteration, and repair of buildings outside the District of Columbia at a total cost not to exceed $15,000, as follows: Adminstratt e- General administrative expenses: For necessary expenses for gen- ps . eral administrative purposes, including the salary of Chief of Bureau and other personal services in the District of Columbia, $105,300. Agrictural ohemi- Agricultural chemical investigations: For conducting the investi- 12 Stat. f 87. gations contemplated by the Act of May 15, 1862 (5 'U. S . C. 511, 512), relating to the application of chemistry to agriculture; for the biological, chemical, physical, microscopical, and technological investi- gation of foods, feeds, drugs, plant and animal products, and sub- stances used in the manufacture thereof- for investigations of the physiological effects and for the pharmacological testing of such prod- ucts and of insecticides; for the investigation and development of methods for the manufacture of sugars, sugar sirups, and starches and the utilization of new agricultural materials for such purposes; for the technological investigation of the utilization of fruits and vegetables and for frozen pack investigations- for the investigation Coopsration with of chemicals for the control of noxious weeds and plants; and to oleti t,. cooperate with associations and scientific societies in the development of methods of analysis, $379,606. tionndostralproua- Industrial utilization of farm products and byproducts: For the to. ' investigation, development, experimental demonstration, and applica- tion of methods for the industrial utilization of agricultural products, waste, and byproducts, and products made therefrom, except as other- wise provided for in this Act, by the application of chemical, physi- cal, and technological methods, including the changes produced by microorganisms such as yeasts, bacteria, molds, and fungi, the utiliza- tion for color, medicinal, and technical purposes of substances grown or produced in the United States, $22,550. Agrultural engi- Agricultural engineering investigations: For investigations, experi- nertnigetigtlons. ments, and demonstrations involving the application of engineering principles to agriculture for the investigation, development, experi- mental demonstration, for investigating and reporting upon the different kinds of farm power and appliances; upon farm domestic water supply and sewage disposal, upon the design and construction of farm buildings and their appurtenances and of buildings for proc- essing and storing farm products- upon farm power and mechanical farm equipment and rural electrification, upon the engineering prob- lems relating to the processing, transportation, and storage of perish- able and other agricultural products; and upon the engineering prob- lems involved in adapting physical characteristics of farm land to ootton ginning. the use of modern farm machinery; for investigations of cotton gin- sBt.s. ning under the Act approved April 19, 1930 (7 U. S . C., 424, 425); for giving expert advice and assistance in agricultural and chemical PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 421 -JUNE 25, 1940 [54 STAT. 550