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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 27-FEB . 12 , 1940 53 Stat. 913. Office of Comman- dant. 63 Stat. 663 . Pay and allowances. 63 Stat. 664. Post, p . 91. Retired members, former Life Saving Service. 46 Stat. 164. Fnel and water. 63 Stat. 664. Outfits, etc. 63 Stat. 6C4. Station improve- ments. 53 Stat. 664 . Communication lines. 53 Stat. 664 . Repairs to vessels. 53 Stat. 665. Proito. Aviation expenses, limitation increased. 53 Stat. 666 . Lighthouse Service, general expenses. 63 Stat. 913. st, p. 91. Payments. 53 Stat. 974 . 52 Stat. 819 . Short title. in the "Department of Commerce Appropriation Act, 1940", respectively, as follows: Office of the Commandant: For personal services in the District of Columbia, for temporary employees, $43,701; Pay and allowances: For pay and allowances prescribed by law for commissioned officers, cadets, warrant officers, petty officers, and other enlisted men, active and retired, temporary cooks, surfmen, substitute surfmen, and three civilian instructors, retired pay for certain members of the former Life Saving Service authorized by the Act approved April 14, 1930 (14 U. S. C. 178a), and so forth, $2,263,000; Fuel and water: For fuel, lubricating oil, kerosene, and water, and for the furnishing of heat, light, and power (service) for vessels, stations, and houses of refuge, $250,000; Outfits: For outfits, including necessary supplies and equipment, medals, newspapers, and periodicals for statistical purposes, rental of mechanical accounting machinery, repairs to portable equipment at shore units, ship chandlery, engineers' stores, and draft animals and their maintenance, $768,188; Rebuilding and repairing stations: For rebuilding and repairing stations and houses of refuge, temporary leases, rent, and improve- ments of property for Coast Guard purposes, including use of additional land where necessary, $95,000; Communication lines: For coastal communication lines and facili- ties and their maintenance, and communication service, $125,000; Repairs to vessels: For repairs to Coast Guard vessels and boats, exclusive of .aircraft, including cost of salvage operations when incident to the repairs thereof, $650 000; In all, $4,194,889: Provided, That the limitation of $2,200,000 which may be expended for aviation contained in said Treasury Department Appropriation Act under "Coast Guard" is hereby increased to $2,435,000. Lighthouse Service (Bureau of Lighthouses), general expenses: For supplies, including replacement of and necessary additions to existing equipment, repairs, maintenance, and incidental expenses of lighthouses and other lights, beacons, buoyage, fog signals, lighting of rivers heretofore authorized to be lighted, light vessels, other aids to navigation, and lighthouse tenders, including the establishment, repair, and improvement of beacons and day marks, and purchase of land for same; establishment of post lights, buoys, submarine signals, and fog signals; construction of necessary outbuildings, and so forth, $81,960. TITLE V-DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PrICE ADJUSTMErN ACT OF 1938 SEC. 501. Not to exceed $11,000,000 of the funds appropriated by the item entitled "Parity Payments" contained in the Department of Agriculture Appropriation Act, 1940, are hereby made available for the purpose of making payments under the "Price Adjustment Act of 1938". SEC. 502. This Act may be cited as the "Emergency Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1940 . Approved, February 12, 1940. [54 STAT.