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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CHS. 647, 648 -JULY 31, 1940 [CHAPTER 647] 781 AN ACT To provide for the rank and title of lieutenant general of the Regular Army in July 31, 1940 the military departments of Panama and Hawaii. [Public, No. 758] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the rank and title of lieutenant general of the Regular Army", approved August 5, 1939, is hereby amended to include the major generals of the Regular Army specifi- cally assigned by the Secretary of War to command the Panama Canal and Hawaiian Departments. Approved, July 31, 1940. [CHAPTER 648] JOINT RESOLUTION Making an additional appropriation for the Tennessee Valley Authority for the fiscal year 1941 to provide facilities to expedite the national defense. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of $25,000,000 is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not other- wise appropriated, as an additional amount to carry out the provi- sions of the Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933, approved May 18, 1933, as amended by the Acts approved August 31, 1935, and July 26, 1939, including the funds necessary to begin construction of a dam on the Holston River near Jefferson City, Tennessee; to begin installation of two additional electric generating units at Wilson Dam, Alabama, and one additional electric generating unit at Pick- wick Landing Dam, Tennessee; and to begin construction of steam electric generating facilities with a rated capacity of approximately one hundred and twenty thousand kilowatts in the area served by the Authority; and the acquisition of necessary land, the clearing of such land, relocation of highways, and the construction or purchase of transmission lines and other facilities, and all other necessary works authorized by such Acts, and for printing and binding, law- books, books of reference, newspapers, periodicals, purchase, main- tenance, and operation of passenger-carrying vehicles, rents in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, and all necessary salaries and expenses connected with the organization, operation, and investiga- tions of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and for examination of estimates of appropriations and activities in the field: Provided, That the foregoing appropriation shall be in addition to and shall be covered into and accounted for as a part of the "Tennessee Valley Authority Fund, 1941", as established by the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1941: Provided further, That purchases may be made by the Authority during the fiscal year 1941 without regard to the provisions of section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and section 9 (b) of the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, as amended, when in the judgment of the Board of Directors of the Authority such a procedure will expedite the completion of projects determined to be essential for national defense purposes by the Advisory Commission of the Council of National Defense: Provided further, That the extent and location of the transmission lines provided for herein shall receive the approval of such Commission. Approved, July 31, 1940. Regular Army. Lt. gen., Panama and Hawaii. 53 Stat. 1214. 10 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 482b. July 31, 1940 [H. J. Res. 583] [Pub. Res., No. 951 Tennessee Valley Authority. Additional appro- priation. 48 Stat. 58; 49 Stat. 1075; 53 Stat. 1083 . 16 U. . C. §5831- 831cc; Supp. V, § 831- 831dd. Provisos. Accounting. Ante, p. 138. National defense projects. Purchases. 41 U. S.C. §5. 49 Stat. 1080 . 18 U. S. C., Supp. v, 831h (b). Transmission lines.