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54 STAT.] 761H CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 686-AUG. 22 , 1940 (2) in the case of a resolution or request from either House of Congress. (c) No provision of this title shall be construed to require, or to authorize the Commission to require any investment adviser engaged in rendering investment supervisory services to disclose the identity, investments, or affairs of any client of such investment adviser, except insofar as such disclosure may be necessary or appropriate in a particular proceeding or investigation having as its object the enforcement of a provision or provisions of this title. RULES, REGULATIONS, AND ORDERS SEC. 211 . (a) The Commission shall have authority from time to time to make, issue, amend, and rescind such rules and regulations and such orders as are necessary or appropriate to the exercise of the powers conferred upon the Commission elsewhere in this title. For the purposes of its rules or regulations the Commission may classify persons and matters within its jurisdiction and prescribe different requirements for different classes of persons or matters. (b) Subject to the provisions of the Federal Register Act and regulations prescribed under the authority thereof, the rules and regulations of the Commission under this title, and amendments thereof, shall be effective upon publication in the manner which the Commission shall prescribe, or upon such later date as may be pro- vided in such rules and regulations. (c) Orders of the Commission under this title shall be issued only after appropriate notice and opportunity for hearing. Notice to the parties to a proceeding before the Commission shall be given by personal service upon each party or by registered mail or confirmed telegraphic notice to the party's last known business address. Notice to interested persons, if any, other than parties may be given in the same manner or by publication in the Federal Register. (d) No provision of this title imposing any liability shall apply to any act done or omitted in good faith in conformity with any rule, regulation, or order of the Commission, notwithstanding that such rule, regulation, or order may, after such act or omission, be amended or rescinded or be determined by judicial or other author- ity to be invalid for any reason. HEARINGS SEC. 212. Hearings may be public and may be held before the Com- mission, any member or members thereof, or any officer or officers of the Commission designated by it, and appropriate records thereof shall be kept. COURT REVIEW OF ORDERS SEC. 213. (a) Any person or party aggrieved by an order issued by the Commission under this title may obtain a review of such order in the circuit court of appeals of the United States within any circuit wherein such person resides or has his principal place of business, or in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, by filing in such court, within sixty days after the entry of such order, a written petition praying that the order of the Commission be modified or set aside in whole or in part. A copy of such petition shall be forthwith served upon any member of the Commission, or upon any officer thereof designated by the Commis- sion for that purpose, and thereupon the Commission shall certify and file in the court a transcript of the record upon which the order complained of was entered. Upon the filing of such transcript such court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to affirm, modify, or set aside Disclosure of iden- tityoraffairs ofclients. Rules, regulations, and orders. Publication. 49 Stat. 500 . 44 U.S . C., Supp. V, i§ 301-314. Issuance of orders, notice. Act or omission in good faith. hearlngs. Petition for review. Service of copy upon Commission. Jurisdiction of court.