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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 717-SEPT. 9 , 1940 CONTINGENT EXPENSES, WAR DEPARTMENT Section 3709, Revised Statutes, shall not apply to any procurement under the appropriation "Contingent expenses, War Department, 1941", which does not exceed $100 in amount. SEC. 101. The first sentence of the seventh paragraph of section 127a, National Defense Act, as amended by section 20 of the Act of June 15, 1933 (48 Stat. 161), is hereby amended to read as follows: "In time of war or national emergency determined by the President any officer of the Regular Army may be appointed to higher temporary grade without vacatmg his permanent appointment." SEC. 102. The Secretary of War may, until June 30, 1942, allocate to the Corps of Engineers any of the construction works required to carry out the national-defense program and may transfer to that agency the funds necessary for the execution of the works so allocated. SEC. 103. Section 1 (c) of the Act of July 2,1940 (Public, Numbered 703, Seventy-sixth Congress), is amended by deleting therefrom the words "for supplies or construction for", inserting in lieu thereof the word "with", and deleting the words "of such supplies or construction". SEC. 104. This title may be cited as "Title III, Military Appropria- tion Act, 1941". TITLE II-NAVY DEPARTMENT For additional amounts for appropriations for the Navy Department and the naval service, fiscal year 1941, to be supplemental, and, in addi- tion, to the appropriations in the Naval Appropriation Act for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, including the objects and subject to the limitations and conditions specified therein except the limitations sus- pended by Act approved June 28,1940 (Public, Numbered 671, Seventy- sixth Congress), and except as otherwise provided herein, as follows: NAVAL ESTABLISHMEI'NT OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY Miscellaneous expenses, $136,000, including not to exceed $11,700 for allowances for living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, as author- ized by the Act approved June 26, 1930 (5 IT. S . C . 118a), and not to exceed $2,167 for telephone, telegraph, and teletype rentals and tolls, telegrams, radiograms, and cablegrams: Provided, That the first pro- viso under the appropriation "Miscellaneous expenses, Office of the Secretary", contained in title I of the Act making appropriations for the Navy Department and the naval service for the fiscal year 1941, is hereby repealed. BUREAU OF NAVIGATION Training, Education, and Welfare, Navy Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps, $210,000. Naval Reserve, including training for Reserve midshipmen, to be expended without regard to the limitations specified under this head in the Naval Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1941, $3,689,780. The paragraph under the subheading "NAVAL RESERVE" of title I of the Naval Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1941 is amended by inserting before the period at the end thereof a colon and the following: "Providedfurther, That nothing in the immediately preceding proviso shall be deemed to prevent the use of any such appropriation for the purpose of paying the pay, allowances, travel, or other expenses of any such officer or enlisted man of the Naval or Marine Corps Reserve who Ante, p. 352. Minor purchases. 41U.S. . i5. Ante, pp. 352, 603, 604. National Defense Act, amendment. 10 U.s. C . §513. Officer of Regular Army. Temporary grade in time of war. Works allocation to Corps of Engineers. Ante, p. 367. Ante, p. 713. Citation of title. Title IV of the Naval Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1941. Additional appro- priations. Ante, p. 265. Ante, p. 676. Ante, p. 265. Miscellaneous ex- penses. 46 Stat. 818. Prorlio. Reloal of restrlctlve proviso. Ante, p. 266. Ante, p. 267. Naval Reserve. Ante, p. 270. Proriso. Pay, etc., on active duty.