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898 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 722 -SEPT. 18, 1940 [54 STAT. [CHAPTER 722] AN ACT S.etember 1819 To amend the Act to regulate commerce, approved February 4, 1887, as amended, [Public, No. 785] so as to provide for unified regulation of carriers by railroad, motor vehicle, and water, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Transportation Act United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act, of divided into titles and sections according to the following table of contents, may be cited as the Transportation Act of 1940: TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE I-AMENDMENTS TO EXISTING LAW Sec. 1. Short title for act to regulate commerce; declaration of national trans- portation policy. Sec. 2. Amendments to section 1 (3), (4), and (5). Sec. 3. Transportation free or at reduced rates. Sec. 4. Amendments to section 1 (14), (17), and (18). Sec. 5. Amendments to section 3. Sec. 6. Long-and-short-haul provision. Sec. 7 . Pooling; unifications, mergers, and acquisitions of control. Sec. 8. Amendments to section 6. Sec. 9. Amendments to sections 12 and 13. Sec. 10. Amendments to sections 15 and 15a. Sec. 11. Amendments to section 16. Sec. 12. Commission procedure; delegation of duties; rehearings. Sec. 13. Amendments to section 20. Sec. 14 . Amendments to sections 25, 26, and 27. Sec. 15. Short title for part II. Sec. 16. References to policy declared in part II. Sec. 17. Amendments to section 202. Sec. 18. Amendments to section 203. Sec. 19. Exemption of certain interstate and foreign commerce operations of motor carriers. Sec. 20. Amendments to sections 204, 205, and 206. Sec. 21 . Amendments to sections 210, 210a, and 212; repeal of section 213. Sec. 22 . Amendments to sections 214, 216, and 217. Sec. 23. Amendments to section 218. Sec. 24. Accounts, records, and reports of motor carriers. Sec. 25. Amendments to sections 221 and 222. Sec. 26. New section relating to allowances to shippers. Sec. 27. Investigation of need for regulating sizes and weight of motor vehicles. TIE II-REGULATION OF WATEI CARBIEBS I INTERSTATE AND FOREIGN COMMEROE Sec. 201. Part III of Interstate Commerce Act. "PART Im "Sec. 301. Short title. "Sec. 302. Definitions. "Sec. 803. Application of provisions; exemptions. "Sec. 304. General powers and duties of the Commission. "Sec. 305. Rates, fares, charges, and practices; through routes. "Sec. 80S Tariffs and schedules. "Sec. 307. Commission's authority over rates, and so forth. "Sec. 308. Reparation awards; limitation of actions. "Sec. 309 . Certificates of public convenience and necessity and permits. "Sec. 310. Dual operations under certificates and permits. "Sec. 311. Temporary operations. "Sec. 312 Transfer of certificates and permits. "Sec. 313. Accounts, records, and reports. "Sec. 314. Allowances to shippers for transportation services. "Sec. 315. Notices, orders, and service of process. "Sec. 316. Enforcement and procedure. "Sec. 317. Unlawful acts and penalties. "Sec. 318. Collection of rates and charges. "Sec 319. Employees "Sec. 320. Repeals. "Sec 321 Transfer of employees, records, property, and appropriations. "Sec. 322. Existing orders, rules, tariffs, and so forth; pending matters. "Sec. 323. Separability of provisions." Se. 202. Time effective. ____