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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 722-SEPT. 18, 1940 41 Stat. 475. 49U.S.C. 1(4). Ante, p. 899. Through routes, rates, etc. Post,p . 929. Operating facilities. Divisions of Joint rates. 41 Stat. 475. 49U.S.C. 1(5). Contracts with tele- phone, etc., compa- nlie. 41 Stat. 475. 49 U.S. 0.11 (7). 44 Btat. 577. 45U.S.0., ch.8; Supp. V, oh. 8. 25 Stat. 862. 49U.S. . 22; sapp. v, a. another person or persons), such reference shall be construed to include actual as well as legal control, whether maintained or exercised through or by reason of the method of or circumstances surrounding organization or operation, through or by common directors, officers, or stockholders, a voting trust or trusts, a holding or investment com- pany or companies, or through or by any other direct or indirect means; and to include the power to exercise control." (c) Paragraph (4) of such section 1 (which relates to the duty of common carriers subject to part I to establish through routes and rates applicable thereto), is amended to read as follows: "(4) It shall be the duty of every common carrier subject to this part to provide and furnish transportation upon reasonable request therefor, and to establish reasonable through routes with other such carriers, and just and reasonable rates, fares, charges, and classifica- tions applicable thereto; and it shall be the duty of common carriers by railroad subject to this part to establish reasonable through routes with common carriers by water subject to part III, and just and reasonable rates, fares, charges, and classifications applicable thereto. It shall be the duty of every such common carrier establishing through routes to provide reasonable facilities for operating such routes and to make reasonable rules and regulations with respect to their operation, and providing for reasonable compensation to those entitled thereto; and in case of joint rates, fares, or charges, to estab- lish just, reasonable, and equitable divisions thereof, which shall not unduly prefer or prejudice any of such participating carriers." (d) Paragraph (5) of such section 1 is amended by inserting after "(5)" the letter "(a)" and by striking out the following: ": And pro- vided further,That nothing in this part shall be construed to prevent telephone, telegraph and cable companies from entering into con- tracts with common carriers for the exchange of services", and by adding after such paragraph (5) (a) a new paragraph as follows: "(b) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to prevent any com- mon carrier subject to this Act from entering into or operating under any contract with any telephone, telegraph, or cable company, for the exchange of their services." TRANSPORTATION FREE OR AT REDUCED RATES SEC. 3 . (a) Paragraph (7) of section 1 of the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended, is amended by striking out "and their families, its officers, agents, surgeons, physicians, and attorneys at law;" and inserting in lieu thereof a comma and the following: "its officers, sur- geons, physicians, and attorneys at law, and the families of any of the foregoing; to the executive officers, general chairmen, and counsel of employees' organizations when such organizations are authorized and designated to represent employees in accordance with the pro- visions of the Railway Labor Act;". (b) Such paragraph (7) is further amended by striking out "to Railway Mail Service employees post-office inspectors," and inserting in lieu thereof "to railway mail-service employees and persons in charge of the mails when on duty and traveling to and from duty, and all duly accredited agents and officers of the Post Office Depart- ment and the Railway Mail Service and post-office inspectors while traveling on official business, upon the exhibition of their credentials; to". (c) The first sentence of paragraph (1) of section 22 of the Inter- state Commerce Act, as amended, is amended- (1) by inserting after "the necessary agents employed in such transportation," the following: "or the transportation of persons for the United States Government free or at reduced rates,"; and 900 [54 STAT.