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63 54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 71-MAR. 25 , 1940 BUREAU OF NARCOTICS Salaries and expenses: For expenses to enforce the Act of Decem- ber 17, 1914 (26 U. S . C . 1383-1391), as amended by the Revenue Act of 1918 (26 U. S . C. 1040-1064), the Narcotic Drugs Import and Export Act, as amended (21 U. S . C. 171-184), and the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 (26 U. S . C . 1399-1399q); pursuant to the Act of March 3, 1927 (5 U. S . C. 281c), and the Act of June 14, 1930 (5 U. S . C. 282-282c), including the employment of executive officers, attorneys, agents, inspectors, chemists, supervisors, clerks, messengers, and other necessary employees in the field and in the Bureau of Narcotics in the District of Columbia, to be appointed as authorized by law- the securing of information and evidence of violations of the Acts; the costs of chemical analyses made by others than employees of the United States; the transportation of household and other personal effects incident to the change of headquarters of all employ- ees engaged in field activities, not to exceed five thousand pounds in any one case, together with the necessary expenses incident to packing, crating, boxing, and draying same; the purchase of such supplies, equipment, mechanical devices, books, and such other expenditures as may be necessary in the several field offices; cost incurred by officers and employees of the Bureau of Narcotics in the seizure, storage, and disposition of property under the internal-revenue laws when the same is disposed of under section 3460, Revised Statutes (26 U. S . C . 1624) i purchase (not to exceed $10,000), exchange, hire, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled or horse- drawn passenger-carrying vehicles when necessary for official use in field work; purchase of arms and ammunition, and for rental of necessary quarters in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; in all, $1,304,600, of which amount not to exceed $195,000 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia: Provided,That the Secretary of the Treasury may authorize the use by narcotic agents of motor vehicles confiscated under the provisions of the Act of August 27, 1935 (27 U. S. C. 157), and to pay the cost of acquisition, maintenance, repair, and operation thereof: Provided further, That not exceeding $10,000 may be expended for the collection and dis- semination of information and appeal for law observance and law enforcement, including cost of printing, purchase of newspapers, and other necessary expenses in connection therewith and not exceeding $1,500 for attendance at meetings concerned with the work of the Bureau of Narcotics: Provided further, That not exceeding $10,000 may be expended for services or information looking toward the apprehension of narcotic law violators who are fugitives from justice: Provided further, That moneys expended from this appropriation for the purchase of narcotics including marihuana, and subsequently recovered shall be reimbursed to the appropriation for enforcement of the Narcotic Acts current at the time of the deposit. COAST GUARD Office of Commandant: For personal services in the District of Columbia, $619,260 (composed of "A" item, $557,940, and "B" item, $61,320): Provided, That no part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be used to pay any enlisted man of the Coast Guard while detailed for duty at Coast Guard headquarters if such detail increases the total number of enlisted men detailed on such duty at any time above fourteen. Salaries and ex- penses. 38 Stat. 785. 26 U.S.C., Supp.V, 5 3220-3228. 40 Stat. 1057. 26 U.S.C., Supp.V, §§ 2550-2571, 2606 . 35 Stat. 614. 31 U.S.C., Supp.V, §§ 529a-g . 50 Stat. 551 . 26 U.S.C., Supp.V, §§ 2590-2604. 44 Stat. 1382 . 46 Stat. 585 . Transportation of personal effects. Seizures, etc. Vehicles. Rent. Personal services. Provisos. Use of oonfiscated vehicles. 49 Stat. 874. 27U.S.C.,SuppV, 1157. Law observance. Apprehension of nar- cotic law violators. Reimbursement. Personal services. Post, pp . 600, 1045 . Proviso. Details at head- quarters, restriction.