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Indemnification against certain claims. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. plated that normally the rights obtained should, subject to the limita- tions contained in Article II of this Agreement, among other things, include: (a) The right to make, to have made, to use, and to dispose of, articles embodying the subject-matter of the patent rights, infor- mation, inventions, designs, or processes, so acquired, including the right to use and practice any of the aforesaid. (b) Provision for securing to the recipient Government or its designees all necessary personal expert services and supplementary information. (c) Permission to transfer, assign, license, or otherwise dispose of, any or all of the rights and privileges acquired, to the other Government, with further permission to the latter to transfer, as- sign, license, or otherwise dispose of any or all of the same to contractors, sub-contractors, or other appropriate designees of the recipient Government, for war production purposes only. (d) The reservation on the part of the acquiring Government that it, and parties in interest holding under it, shall have the right at any time to contest the validity of any patent rights acquired. (e) Whenever practicable, a guarantee by the licensor or pat- entee as to the validity of his patent, in respect of which the license is granted, with an indemnity against any infringement claims. (f) Provision for the exchange of information, between the licensor or patentee and ultimate licensee, as to improvements or the results of research on the subject-matter of the license, to- gether with the use of any patents which may be obtained in re- spect of such improvements, with a further provision that the like information and right to use additional patents shall simul- taneously be furnished to both Governments. ARTICLE VI Subject to the provisos set out in Article VII hereunder, the Gov- ernment of the United Kingdom agrees and undertakes to indemnify and save harmless the Government of the United States of America against all claims asserted by corporations or subjects of the United Kingdom arising as a result of the use and practice of any patent rights, inventions, information, designs, or processes furnished by the Government of the United Kingdom to the Government of the United States of America and used by the latter Government pursuant to the provisions of Article II of this Agreement, or arising as a result of production, use, or disposition, by or on behalf of the Government of the United States of America, of articles: (a) Supplied to the Government of the United Kingdom under Lend-Lease or equivalent procedure; or (b) Embodying the subject-matter of patent rights, informa- tion, inventions, designs, or processes furnished (or which pur- port to have been furnished) by the Government of the United