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other regulations prescribed by the Secretary and subject to the provisions of existing law relating to said revolving fund, except as otherwise provided herein; and not to exceed $135,000 of said revolv- ing fund shall be available for all necessary expenses of administering such and other loans to Indians, including not to exceed $2,500 for printing and binding. Development of In- For the development, under the direction of the Commissioner dian arts and crafts. of Indian Affairs, of Indian arts and crafts, as authorized by the 25 u. . S. §§305- Act of August 27, 1935 (49 Stat. 891), including personal services, 305e . purchase and transportation of equipment and supplies, periodicals, directories, and books of reference, purchase and operation of motor- propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, telegraph and telephone serv- ices, expenses of exhibits and of attendance at meetings concerned with the development of Indian arts and crafts, traveling expenses, not to exceed $2,500 for printing and binding, and other necessary expenses, $25,000, of which not to exceed $9,000 shall be available Salary limitation. for personal services in the District of Columbia: Provided,That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay any salary at a rate exceeding $6,500 per annum. Reappropriation. The appropriation "Suppressing contagious diseases of livestock on Indian reservations" contained in the Third Supplemental 55 Stat. 826. National Defense Appropriation Act, 1942, is hereby continued avail- able for the same purposes until June 30, 1944. DEVELOPMENT OF WATER SUPPLY For the development, rehabilitation, repair, maintenance, and opera- tion of domestic and stock water facilities on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, the Hopi Reservation in Arizona, the Papago Reservation in Arizona, and the several Pueblos in New Mexico, including the purchase and installation of pumping and other equipment, $95,000. IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE For the construction, repair and maintenance of irrigation systems, and for purchase or rental of irrigation tools and appliances, water rights, ditches, and lands necessary for irrigation purposes for Indian reservations and allotments; for operation of irrigation systems or alppurtenances thereto when no other funds are applicable or available for the purpose: for drainage and protection of irrigable lands from damage by floods or loss of water rights, upon the Indian irrigation projects named below, $237,750, reimbursable, together with $44,500 operation and maintenance collections, from which latter amount expenditures for any one project shall not exceed the aggregate receipts from such project covered into the Treasury pursuant to section 4 of the Permanent Appropriation Repeal Act, 1934: Miscellaneous projects, $40,415: Arizona: Ak Chin, $4.000: Chiu Chui, $4,000; Fort Apache, $4,500: San Carlos, $5,000; Navajo, miscellaneous projects. Arizona and New Mexico, $37,950, together with $21,500 (Fruitlands, $9,000; Ganado, $1,500; Hogback, $7,000; miscellaneous projects, $4,000), collections; Hopi, miscellaneous proj- ects, $1,500; San Xavier, $2,000; Truxton Canon, $1,000; California: Mission, $7,000; together with $3,000 (Morongo, $1,000; Pala and Rincon. $1,000; miscellaneous projects, $1.000), collections; Colorado: Southern Ute, $8,000, together with $8,000, collections; Montana: Tongue River, $2,250, together with $1,000, collections; Nevada: Pyramid Lake, $3,000, together with $500, collections; Walker River, $4,500, together with $1,500, collections; Western Shoshone, $8,000, together with $2,000, collections; New Mexico: Miscellaneous Pueb- 48 Stat. 1227. 31U. . C. §725c. 460 PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 219-JULY 12, 1943 [57 STAT.