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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 219-JULY 12, 1943 reservation boarding schools and for conservation of health among Indians shall be available for the purchase of supplies, materials, and repair parts, for storage in and distribution from central warehouses, garages, and shops, and for the maintenance and operation of such warehouses, garages, and shops, and said appropriations shall be reimbursed for services rendered or supplies furnished by such ware- houses, garages, or shops to any activity of the Indian Service. Travel expenses,etc. Appropriations made for the Indian Service for the fiscal year 1944 shall be available for travel expenses; the purchase of ice, and the purchase of rubber boots for official use of employees. BUREAU OF RECLAMATION from reclamation The following sums are appropriated out of the special fund in fund. the Treasury of the United States created by the Act of June 17, 32 Stat. 8. 1902 (43 U. S . C. 391, 411), and therein designated "the reclamation fund", to be available immediately: Salaries and expenses: For personal services in the District of Columbia and other necessary expenses, $101,000, including not to exceed $3,500 for printing and binding; Administrative provisions and limitations: For all expenditures authorized by the Act of June 17, 1902, and Acts amendatory thereof 43u.s. c. 391. or supplementary thereto, known as the reclamation law, and all other Acts under which expenditures from said fund are authorized, includ- ing not to exceed $100,000 for personal services and $15,000 for other expenses in the office of the chief engineer, $20,000 for telegraph, tele- phone, and other communication service, $7,500 for disseminating useful information, photographing and making photographic prints, and completing and distributing material, including recordings, Maintenance o$41,250 for personal services, and $7,500 for other expenses in the branch ofice in Den- field legal offices; for the maintenance, in addition to the main office ver Colo. in the District of Columbia, of a branch of that office in Denver, Colorado, with appropriations herein made to be available therefor, the costs and expenses thereof to be accounted for as though said branch office were in the District of Columbia; examination of esti- mates for appropriations in the field; refunds of overcollections and deposits for other purposes; not to exceed $1.5,000 for lithographing, engraving, printing, and binding: purchase of ice; purchase of rubber Vehicles. boots for official use by employees; maintenance and operation of horse-drawn and motor-propelledl passenger vehicles; not to exceed $25,000 for purchase of horse-drawn and motor-prolelled passenger- carrying vehicles; payment for contract stenographic reporting serv- ices; payment of damages caused to the owners of lands or other private property of any kind by reason of the operations of the United States, its officers or employees, in the survey, construction, operation, or maintenance of irrigation works; payment for official telephone service in the field hereafter incurred in case of official Rewards telephones installed in private houses when authorized under regula- wars. tions established by the Secretary; payment of rewards, when specifi- cally authorized by the Secretary, for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of persons found guilty of the theft, district is in arrears. district isin arrears. damage, or destruction of public property: Provided That no part of any sum provided for in this Act for operation and maintenance of any project or division of a project by the Bureau of Reclamation shall be used for the irrigation of any lands within the boundaries of an irrigation district which has contracted with the Bureau of Lands iReclamation and which is in arrears for more than twelve months in a s the payment of any charges due the United States, and no part of any sum provided for in this Act for such purpose shall be used for 472 [57 STAT.