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8 STAT.J GUATEMALA-EXCHANGE OF PUBLICTION Mar. 3,194 1371 Apr. 13, 1944 LISTA I PUBLICACIONES OFICIALEB QUE SERAN PROPORCIONADAS REGULAR- MENTE POR EL GOBIERNO DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA CONGRESO DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS House Journal Senate Journal Code of Laws and Supplements PRESIDENTE DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS Annual Messages to Congress DEPABTAMENTO DI AGRICULTURA Annual Report of the Secretary of Agriculture Farmers' Bulletins Yearbook DEPARTAMENTO DE COMERCIO Annual Report of the Secretary of Commerce Bureau of the Census Reports Abstracts Statistical Abstract of the United States (anual) Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce Foreign Commerce (semanal) Foreign Commerce and Navigation of the United States (anual) Survey of Current Business (mensual) Trade Information Bulletins National Bureau of Standards Technical News Bulletin Weather Bureau Monthly Weather Review DEPARTAMENTO DEL TRABAJO Annual Report of the Secretary of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletins Monthly Labor Review DEPARTAMENTO DE ESTADO Department of State Bulletin (semanal) Executive Agreements Series Foreign Relations of the United States (anual) Inter-American Series Statutes at Large Treaty Series DEPARTAMENTO DEL INTERIOR Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service Bulletins Investigational Reports Bureau of Mines Minerals Yearbook National Park Service General Publications DISTBITO DE COLUMBIA Annual Report of the Government of the District of Columbia Annual Report of the Public Utilities Commission