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58 STAT.] PALESTINE-PARCEL POST Se pt. 6 ,1944 May 10, 1943 ARTICLE XXX. Charge for redirection in the country of destination. In case of further redirection or of return to the country of origin, the redirection charge prescribed by Article XII, Section 1, shall accrue to the country which redirected the parcel within its own territory. ARTICLE XXXI. Miscellaneous fees. The following fees shall be retained in full by the Administration which has collected them: (a) The fee for advice of delivery referred to in Article XI. (b) The inquiry fee referred to in Article XVIII, Section 1. (c) The dispatch fee for an insured parcel referred to in Article XIX, Section 3. (d) The fee for customs clearance referred to in Article VI. (e) The delivery fee referred to in Article VII. ARTICLE XXXII. Insuracnce fee. In respect of insured parcels the Administration of origin shall allow to the Administration of destination for territorial service a rate of 5 centimes for each insured parcel. If the Administration of destination provides the sea service, the Administration of origin shall allow an additional rate of 10 centimes for each insured parcel. ARTICLE XXXIII. Miscellaneous provisions. 1. The francs and centimes mentioned in this Agreement are gold francs and centimes as defined in the Universal Postal Union Con- vention. 2. Parcels shall not be subjected to any postal charges other than those contemplated in this Agreement; except by mutual consent of the two Administrations. 3. In extraordinary circumstances either Administration may tem- porarily suspend the parcel post, either entirely or partially, on condition of giving immediate notice, if necessary by telegraph, to the other Administration. 4. The two Administrations have drawn up the following De- tailed Regulations for insuring the execution of the present Agree- ment. Further matters of detail, not inconsistent with the general provisions of this Agreement and not provided for in the Detailed Regulations may be arranged from time to time by mutual consent. 5. The internal legislation of Palestine and of the United States of America shall remain applicable as regards everything not pro- vided for by the stipulations contained in the present Agreement and in the Detailed Regulations for its execution. Francs and cen- times. 54 Stat. 2062. Postal charges. Temporary suspen- sion of service. Mutual arrange- ment of details. Application of inter- nal legislation. 1531 Ante, p. 1525. Ante, p. 1525 . Ante, p. 1526 . Ante, p. 1527. Ante, p. 1523 . Ante, p. 1523.