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58 STAT.] PALESTINE-PARCEL POST--. 6,1094 1533 May 10, 1943 4. The bag containing the parcel bill and other documents shall be distinctively labeled. 5. Insured parcels shall be forwarded in separate bags from ordinary parcels. The neck label attached to any bag containing insured parcels shall be marked with any distinctive symbol that may from time to time be agreed upon by the two Administrations. 6. The weight of any bag of parcels shall not exceed 36 kilograms (80 pounds avoirdupois). 7. The Postal Administrations of Palestine and of the United States of America shall provide the respective bags necessary for the dis- patch of their parcels and each bag shall be marked to show the name of the office or country to which it belongs. 8. Bags must be returned empty to the dispatching office by the next mail. Empty bags to be returned are to be made up in bundles of ten, enclosing nine bags in one. The total number of bags returned shall be entered on the relative parcel bills. 9. Each Administration shall be required to make good the value of any bags which it fails to return. ARTICLE 3. Information to be furnished. 1. Each Administration shall communicate to the other Adminis- tration all necessary information on points of detail in connection with the exchange of parcels between the two Administrations and also: (a) The names of the countries to which it can forward parcels handed over to it. (b) The routes available for transmission of the said parcels from the point of entry into its territory or into its service. (c) The total amount to be credited to it by the other Administra- tion for each destination. (d) The number of customs declarations which must accompany each parcel. (e) Any other necessary information. 2. Each Administration shall make known to the other the names of the countries to which it intends to send parcels in transit through the other. ARTICLE 4. Fixing of equivalents. In fixing the charges for parcels, either Administration shall be at liberty to adopt such approximate equivalents as may be convenient in its own currency. ARTICLE 5. Make-up of parcels. Every parcel shall: (a) Bear the exact address of the addressee in roman characters Addresses in pencil shall not be allowed except that parcels bearing addresses written with indelible pencil on a previously dampened