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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. I understand that the Government of Peru would be particularly interested in continuing and expanding the measures and services which the health and sanitation agencies of the Government of Peru have been carrying out in the areas in question. These measures and services may be included under the following general headings: 1. Malaria control. 2. Yellow fever control. 3. General disease control by hospitals, clinics, and public educa- tion. 4. Water-supply systems. 5. Sewage systems. 6. Garbage and rubbish disposal. It is contemplated that projects to be executed will be planned in conformity with availability of materials and that no projects will be initiated without reasonable expectation that they can be success- fully completed in sufficient time to assist in the development of rubber production in the Amazon area. All projects completed in accordance with the present arrangement will of course be the property of the Government of Peru. I would appreciate it if you could confirm to me your approval of this general proposal, with the understanding that the details of the program will be the subject of further discussion and agreement. Sincerely yours, SUMNE WELLEs Under Secretary His Excellency DAVID DAsso, Minister of Finance and Commerce of Peru. The PeruvianMinister of Finance and Commerce to the Under Secretary of State PERUVIAN EMBASSY WASHINGTON, D.C . MAY 11, 1942. MT DEAR UNDER SECRETARY: I take pleasure in acknowledging receipt of your note of May 9th outlining the program of health and sanitation work in connection with the production of rubber in the Peruvian Montana. You state therein that your Government, through the Agency of the Coordina- tor of Inter-American Affairs, will provide an amount not to exceed $1,000,000 to be expended in this work which would be carried out with the cooperation of my Government who in turn will furnish such expert personnel, materials, services and funds for local expenditure as may be necessary for the efficient development of the program. I am in full agreement with what you state in your note and want now to express to you the formal acceptance of your offer of such a valuable help in carrying out this most important work. As soon as I arrive in Lima steps will be taken in order that the appropriate of- ficials of the Peruvian Government get in touch with the Office of the