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Statute Ⅱ.

March 2, 1795
Chap. ⅩⅬⅡ.—An Act for the relief of Spencer Man and Frantz Jacob Foltz.

Be it enacted, &c., That the comptroller of the treasury of the United States be, and he hereby is authorized and directed to receive and examine such evidence as shall be submitted to him,On their producing evidence of exportation, to be entitled to certain drawback. by Messieurs Man and Foltz, of Charleston, or their agent, of the landing in any foreign port or place, of forty-five barrels, one tierce, and forty bags of coffee, weighing nett, thirteen thousand three hundred and eleven pounds, shipped by them from Charleston, South Carolina, to Amsterdam, on board the brig Trader, W.E. Dickson, master, in the month of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one; and of fifteen pipes of brandy, containing one thousand five hundred and twenty-one gallons, shipped also by them, from Charleston aforesaid, to Montego Bay, on board the schooner Industry, John Pollen Nutty, master, in the month of January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one: And if he should find such evidence satisfactory and sufficient, to order the payment of the drawbacks or allowance on the said quantities of coffee and brandy, in the same manner as if they had been respectively exported since the first day of February, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two.

Approved, March 2, 1795.