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194 FOURTEENTII CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 80, 81,82, 83, S4. 1817. Srnwr: II. March 3, 1817. Cnr. LXXX.-dn Actfar the reliz;fq,"Journ0nvi1le de Wlliers. Be it enacted, dw., That the addition;] acgogntantdof the wévar de]- Ci 'm fora artment be, and he is hereby authorize an irecte to au it an ,€°“{; “°°d ” settle the claim of Journonville de Villiers, for a fence, used as fuel by ,:€,{£ b° the troops of the United States, by ascertaining, or causing to be ascertained, the value thereof, in such manner and upon such terms as may be equitable and just. Appmpmdon Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the value thereof, when so ` ascertained, shall be paid to the said Journonville de Villiers, or his representatives, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, March 3, 1817. Srnura II. "‘—""‘ Mum}, 3, ]8[7_ CHAP. LXXXI.—An Act compensating Peter Hagner. Be it enacted, &·c., That Peter Hagner, additional accountant of the To bedwd for war department,. be allowed, and paid, out of any money in the trea- 6X¤’§0\` mary sury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of five hundred dollars, for '°"‘°°“‘ extraordinary services rendered by him in the settlement of accounts in the war department. Approved, March 3, 1817. Snrvrr II. """"" Much 3_ 16W_ CHAP. LXXXII.-.d·n Act for the relief of Asa Wells, Be it enacted, dw., That there be paid to Asa Wells the sum of four Rdmbumn hundred and eighty-eight dollars and ninety-five cents, on account of ment of certain the costs incurred by hun in the defence of suits brought against him °"l’°“°°’· for acts done in the discharge of his duty as an officer of the United States, and that the same be paid to the said Asa Wells out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Avrnovsn, March 3, 1817. Srnurx II. ······· Much 3, 1817, Curt?. LXXXHI.-.00 Act for the relief of Caleb Mcholk. Be it enactgd, That the proper accounting olhcers of the depart- Claim for da- ment of war e, an they are hereby, authorized to adjust and settle mz? *;*0**;:9*0* the claim of Caleb Nicholls, for the damage done to his house and store, §§,,f[,;,_ under the orders of General Macomb, in the month of September, eighteeéi hurédrid gn: forprteen, at Plattsbirirg, inlthe state of New York. Appropriation. Ec. . n e it urther enacted, hat tie amount of such damage when ascertained, shall be paid to the said Caleb Nicholls, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Armovno, March 3, 1817.

nrurs II. """

Much B, 1817. Cine. LXXXl'V.——.£n .»2cl authorizing the payment of a sum of mrmey ta Teakle -——--~-——~ Savage and others. 'Whereas, during the late war, Captain Tealrlc Savage did volunteer his P,.,,,mM,,_ services andthe use of his boat to theomcers commanding at Hampton, in Virginia, and did, with the assistance of some of the rmlitia stationed at that place, and in companly with the revenue cutter commanded by Captain Ham, capture one aunch and two barges belonging to the enemy, and make prisoners of one lieutenant, one midshipman, one boatswain, and fifty-two privates and marines; which boats were valued, by officers appointed by General Wade .Hampton, commander at Norfolk, at the sum of two thousand six hundred and forty-five dollars, which boats and prisoners were delivered to the proper authority of the United States: