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EIGHTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 33, 34, 36, 37. 1825. 323 hrs, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, in full for his services in taking depositions, at the instance and request of the late Secretary of the Navy. Armovum, March 3, 1825. """" Sn·rurz IL CHAP. XXXIII.——.0·n Act granting certain rights to David Tale, Josiah Fletcher, Much 3, 1825, and John Wéalhcrford. —-——·—-——-- Be it enacted, &c., That all right, title, and interest, which the United States possess, in each of the reservations severally made to David A]l riibt Tate, Josiah Fletcher, and John Weatherford, of lands within the tract “'l“°h’ °D· S· of country ceded to the United States by the treaty of Fort Jackson, of 5,°:5°:::,:,, the ninth day of August, eighteen hundred and fourteen, with the Creek tions veszed in Nation of Indians, be, and the same is hereby, vested in each occupant °’°h °°°“P““*· and claimant of the tract so reserved and occupied and claimed by him : _ Provided, That no one claim shall exceed the quantity of six hundred P'°‘”“°· and forty acres. Approved, March 3, 1825. S·n·m·n: II. Cum. XXXIV.-—An Act for the reliqf of Joseph Forrest. March 3, 1825. Be it enacted, gw., That the Secretary of the Treasury bc, and he is hereby, authorize and directed to pay to Joseph Forrest the sum of lfaymem m two thousand one hundred and thirty-six dollars, for dcmurragc on the mm f°" d°‘”“"' . . . . ra e on the schooner William Ycuton, at the port of Laguna, not already paxd un- sciomm. wu, der the award made at Laguira, in the year eighteen hundred and Ham Yeuten. twelve; and that the said sum be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, That, before any payment shall Pmviso. bc made, the said Joseph Forrest shall release the United States from any claim in future, on account of said vessel. ArpR0vm>, March 3, 1825. -——— Summa IL CHAP. XXXVI.-An Jict for the reliqf of Joseph Daze! and Antoine Bourgaud. M¤f¢h 3» T825- Be it enacted, ¢§~c., That the proper accounting officars of the trea- _ sury department bc, and they nrc hereby, authorized and directed to (5:{*'5“*€'°db° ascertain and settle the claims of Joseph Duzet; and Antoine Bourgcud, $6 $0 `§;i,°m` for the damage done by the destruction of their property, adjoining the property during garrison on the river Raisin, in the Michigan territory, on the fificcnth *****1*** “’°'· day of August, in the year eighteen hundred and twelve, by order of' Colonel John Anderson, commzmdzmt of said garrison; und that the amount thereof be paid out of any unappmpriated moneys in the mea- _ sury: Provided, That the sum, so allowed, shall not exceed four hun- P'°Vfs°· dred dollars: And provided, also, That it shall be made to appear that P’°““°· the said Joseph Dozct and Antoine Bourgoud have not received the amount of their claim, or any part thereof, from the said John Anderson; and that the aforesaid sum, when paid, shall be in full satisfaction for two several judgments, heretofore recovered against the said Anderson. APPROVED, March 3, 1825. Srnv·¤: II. C114v. XXXVII.—An Act for the re/igf of David Gilmore. March 3, 3325, Be it enacted, dj-c., That a judgment, recovered by the United States against David Gilmore and others, at the District Court of the United J_¤d§?=¤{1\‘¤é States, holden at Portland, in the District of Maine, on the first Tues· gg5m gm ind day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and mh"; rcxemd, twenty-four, for the sum of eighty-four dollars and fifteen cents, dama- nngiiilgc no be gcs and costs, bc, and the same is hereby, released and dnschargcd. Pm m'