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NINETEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 20, 24, 30,42,43. 1826. 339 Srnurx I. CHAP. XX.——An Act for the relief of Elyah Buckley. March 31, 1826. Be it enacted, <§·c., That any forfeiture which may have accrued to the United States, from the non-payment of the purchase money for the Lands at Caeast half of the south-east quarter of section numbered two, in town- hafvba '°H-”‘. ship numbered nineteen, of range nine, in the district of lands offered qmshed m mm' for sale at Cahawba, be, and the same is hereby, relinquished; and that Elijah Buckley shall be entitled to receive a patent for the same, on making payment to the receiver of public moneys for the land office at Cahawba, of the sum of one dollar and one cent. Approved, March 31, 1826.

  • ···—·— Srnurz I.

CHAP. XXIV. —-An Act for the bene/it of the incorporated Iénlucky Jfsylum, for April 5, 1826, teaching the deaf and dumb. ‘—‘*""·‘*"‘ Be it enacted, <§·c., That there be granted to the incorporated Kentucky Asylum for teaching the deaf and dumb, one township of land, G*¤¤¥°fl¤¤d excepting section numbered sixteen, for the use of schools therein, to lg;;`? be located under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury; which lands shall be, and for ever remain, to the use of said asylum, for the education of indigent deaf and dumb persons; or, if said asylum shall scll said land, which it is authorized to do, the money arising from such sale shall be, and remain forever, to the same use: And it shall be the duty of the said corporation to sell the said lands within five years from the passage of this act, and the same shall be located in one of the territories, on lands to which the Indian title has been extinguished. Approved, April 5, 1826. “"—"" Sururs I. CHAP. XXX. ·-dn Alot to exempt the professors, tutors, stewards, and students of May 4, 1326, tihet diferent seminaries of learning in f/te district of Columbia, from militia ·;·~··—·· u y. Bc it enacted, rfc., That the president, professors, tutors, stewards, ,.P*°Sld€§L*·P'°‘ and students, of the different seminaries of learning in the district of §$r?}0m°,,§¥` Columbia, be, and they hereby are, declared to be exempt from the per- litia duty, exformance of militia duty, except in case of war. fg m cm of Approved, May 4, 1826. ` _'; Snrurs I. CHAP. XLII. --· An Act for the relief of Clark .Z1hPherrin. May 13, 1826. Be it enacted, <.§~c., That the Secretary of·War be, and he is hereby, directed to place Clark McPherrin on the list of invalid pensioners, To be placed (who served in captain and brevet-major H. Bradley’s company, third g;g;g,m;hd regiment of infantry of the United States,) at the rate of twelve dollars ` per month, commencing on the tenth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five; and that the said Clark McPherrin shall continue to receive said pension, until otherwise directed by law. Approved, May 13, 1826. """"" Smrura 1. Crux-. XLIII. —An Act for the relief ry` Elizabeth Lewis, escecutriz of Thomas May 13, 18QG, Lewis, deceased. ·———···—·—- Be it enacted, dc, That Elizabeth Lewis, executrix of the estate of Released from Thomas Lewis, deceased, be, and she is hereby, released from all suits ,,,,,,8 as Gxacu, and causes of action which the United States have against her, as execu- nix of T. Lewtrix of the last will and testament of Thomas Lewis, deceased, upon any ’S· d°°°°“‘l· bond which the said Thomas Lewis may have executed, as the security