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TWENTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 135, 136, 137. 1830. 438 Trahan; said tract of land to be located according to a plat of survey made by Ephraim Davidson, on the sixth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and six; and the Commissioner of the General Land Ofnce is hereby required, upon the presentation and return of a survey of said land, so made by competent authority, to issue a patent therefor: Provided, That this act shall amount only to a relinquishment on pmvgm the part of the United States, and shall, in no manner, affect the rights of third persons, or claims derived from the United States by purchase or donation. Approved, May 28, 1830. i Sruvrr: I. CHAP. CXXXV. -An Act for the relief of Stephen Olney. Mw 28. wso- Be it enacted, &c., That the benefits of the provisions of the act, _ entitled "An act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers Egmgd *0 gt? of the army of the revolution/’ passed May the fifteenth, one thousand }lf,,;,°]5, $$8, eight hundred and twenty-eight, be extended to Stephen Olney, of Rhode ch. 53. Island, a captain in the army of the revolution, and that he be paid and accounted with in the same manner as if he had already, at any time heretofore, since the passage of said act, complied with all the requisitions of the fourth section thereof, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, May 28, 1830. "** Snrura I. CHAP. CXXXVI.-—An Act for the relief of John Mqfltl. May gg, ]gg0_ Be it enacted, ¢§·c., That the proper accounting officers of the trea- _ sury department be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to ,C°¤'g,*°¤°°l settle and ascertain the value of a Continental Loan Office certificate, f,?;,?,, ,:,°b(:r` number one hundred and four, issued in favor of John Moilitt, by the paid. Commissioner of Loans of the state of South Carolina; and that the sum found to be due on said certificate (exclusive of interest) be paid to the said Moflitt, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriatcd. Armovrcn, May 28, 1830. -———-— Sruurr I. CHAP. CXXXV1l.—-An Ac25 for 1/ze relief of Alexander Montgomery, Jolm E May 28, 1830. Walls, and f/ze arlministrators cy" John PWlson, deceased. ""*"`*-‘ Be it enacted, Qc., That John H. Watts, of the state of Alabama, be, and he is hereby, authorized to relinquish to the United States, in such J. H.}»Vat¢s manner as the Commissioner of the General Land Office may prescribe, °”Eh°"F°d *° the patent heretofore issued in his favor, for the east half of the north- {g,£'llq,?:dh,:_m' east quarter of section twenty-one, in township ten, of `range twelve, in ceive another the Cahaba district; and upon the execution of such relinquishment, 'h°*'°f°’· the moneys heretofore paid upon the said east half of the north-east quarter, shall be applied to the payment of the west half of the same quarter, and the said Commissioner shall cause a patent to be granted therefor. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, whenever Alexander Mont- pmnnc iggug gomery, of the state of Ohio, shall produce to the Commissioner of the tv Alexander General Land Office, satisfactory evidence that he has paid to the United M°mg°m"Y‘ States, the sum of one hundred and fifty-four dollars and seventy-seven cents, on account of the south-west quarter of section twenty, in township seventeen, of range eighteen, in the Chillicothe Land District, the said Commissioner be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause a patent to be issued for the same, in favor of the said Alexander Montgomery. Sec. 3. And be itfurthrr enacted, That the administrator and administratrix of the estate of John Wilson, of Ohio, be, and they are here- 55 2 M