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TWEN'1.`Y-FIRST CONGRESS. SEss.II. Ch. 122, 123, 124, 125. 1831. 469 Suzrun II. Cmp. CXX1I.—e6ln dot fur the reliof of Joseph S. Cannon. March 3, 1831. Be it enacted, rfc., That the Secretary of the Navy be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to place the name of Joseph S. Cannon T0 b¢_Pl¤¢?¢ on the Navy Pension List, at the rate of ten dollars per month, payable °" p°“‘”°“ h"' from the first day of January, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine. Approved, March 3, 1831. Survrs II. Cmp. CXXIII. ——An Act for the relief of Antoine Deguindre, and the legal re- Much 3, 1g3L presenlalives of Louis Dequindre, deceased. ·—-——— Be it enacted, <§·e., That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to release and discharge Antoine De- Released from quindre, and the legal representatives of Louis Dequindre, deceased, ll‘$,PPYg’°'gs°f from the payment of three several bonds given to the collector of De- cc un °n ' troit, on the twenty-sixth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, for the payment of duties on a quantity of goods transported through Canada, from Buffalo to Detroit, amounting together, to the sum of five hundred and seventy-nine dollars and forty-nine cents: Provided, That, if any costs have arisen, by the commencement of suits proviso_ on either of the said bonds, the same shall be first paid and satished by the said Antoine Dequindre, and the legal representatives of Louis Dequindre, deceased. Approved, March 3, 1831. Summa II. CHAP. CXXIV. —~An dd far the relief ty" {Samuel Coburn, of the state of Zlhs- Mm-cb 3, 1831. szssqnpr. ——-———— Be it enacted, &c., That the Surveyor-General of the public lands south of the state of Tennessee, be, and he is hereby, authorized and Survey Oflgnd required to cause to be surveyed by the proper officer a certain tract of clulmland, claimed by Samuel Coburn, lying on the waters of Chubby’s Fork of the Bayou Pierre, Claiborne county, Mississippi, originally claimed by William Thomas, by virtue of a Spanish warrant or order of survey, granted to said Thomas on the twenty-first of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-tive; and that a correct return and plat of the same be made to his office, stating how much of said claim has been sold or confirmed by the United States, to Abraham Barnes or any other erson. p Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Samuel Coburn I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- is authorized to locate, on any of the public lands within the state of land- Mississippi, so many acres of the claim above referred to as may be ascertained by said survey and plat to be sold or, confirmed to Abraham Barnes or any other person; and that the remainder of the original Spanish grant to Thomas be, and the same is hereby, confirmed to Samuel Coburn: Provided, That such confirmation shall only operate as a Pr¤vl·¤¤· relinquishment of all right and title on the part of the United States to said land. Arvnovnn, March 3, 1831. Sururs II. CHAP. CXXV.—-·An Act for the relief of Woozkon Wrerr, af Musium. March 3, 1g3i_ Be it enacted, &c., That Woodson Wren, of the state of Mississippi, be, and he is hereby, confirmed to a tract of land containing eight hun- Claim to {md dred arpens, situated on the east side of the bay of Biloxi, in the county ¤¤¤H¤¤¢¢l- of Jackson, and state of Mississippi, between Bellfontaine and the old French fort, claimed by virtue of a purchase from gigleberry Robert-