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582 TWENTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cir. 182, 183, 184, l85. 1833. said James P. Hainesworth, with interest thereon from the time of payment to the time of the location herein authorized; and, on final settlement with the Register and Receiver of the proper land office for said land, they shall be entitled to a patent for the same. Approved, June 30, 1834. Srarur: I. ·l“¤° mi 18% Crnr-. CLXXXII.-—An Act for t/te relid of John Peek. payment Grin- Be it enacted, Qc., That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby mcs! °¤ hel authorized and directed to pay to John Peck, out of any money in the

§;i$;?nt °°r` treasury not otherwise appropriated, the interest which had accrued on

AM <>f July 14, three final settlement certificates set forth and described in the act of 1832* °l" 28% Congress for the relief of John Peck, approved July fourteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, from the several periods at which interest had become due and payable thereon, to the first of January, seventeen hundred and eighty-eight. Armovan, June 30, 1834. Snruru I. ·l““° Sov 1834* Crur. CLXXXIII.--.6n Act for the relief of Horatio N. Crabb. Payment for Be it enacted, dw., That Horatio N. Crabb, a lieutenant of the

 “‘"“l ‘"' marine corps of the United States, be allowed and paid, out of the

funds appropriated for the naval service, for services performed by him for the quartermaster's department of the said corps, at the rate of fifteen dollars a month, from June twenty-five, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, to November four, one thousand eight hundred and thirty; and from December nine, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, to November thirty, one thousand eight hundred and thirty- one, each of said days included. Arvitovrzn, June 30, 1834. S'l`*"`m`E I- Cru?. CLXXXIV.—An Act for the relief of William B. Doliber and ot/mrs, Jung 30, 1334, owners, and heirs of the crew of the schooner Mary and Hannah. Be it enacted, @*1:., That the collector of the port of Marblehead, in nsimgwgizongz the state of Massachusetts, be, and he is hereby, authorized to pay to lostat sea. the widows of Willizim B. Doliber, Thomas R. Woodfin, and Samuel Davis, and the mother and heir at law of Joseph Davis, all late of Marblehead, and owners of the schooner Mary and Hannah, and the heirs of others of the crew of said schooner, which was lost at sea, to be distributed according to law, the same sum or bounty the owners and crew of said vessel would have been entitled to receive if the said schooner' had arrived safely in port, after completing her fishing term, and complied with the laws necessary to secure such bounty. Avrrzovrrv, June 30, 1834. S·u·rv·rn I.

 Crnr. CLXXXV.—.6n Act for the relief of Samuel D. Walker.

Payment of _ amount or draw- Be zt enacted, ¢$·c., That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is °°°l‘ °“ *°l’”°°°· hereby authorized to pay to Samuel D. Walker, out of any money in