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TVVENTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Ssss.III. Ch.149,150,151,152,153. 1843. 899 same, when issued, shall in every respect, have the same force and effect as the original warrant, which original warrant is hereby declared to be null and void. Avrrzovnn, March 3, 1843. Sruurs III. Crm?. CXLIX.-—An Act for the relief of John Skiroing. Much 3, 18,,3_ Be it enacted, &c., That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to pay to John Skirving the sum of six hundred dol- Payment for lays, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, it ¤€"i¤¤¤ *2***}*6 being for services by him performed upon the public buildings, in the l°,,`;°;’° hmm` years eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, eighteen hundred and forty, and I eighteen hundred and forty-one. Approved, March 3, 1843. Srnurs III. Crrap. CL.-in Act for the relief of Samuel K Jennings. March 3, 1843, Be it enacted, ¢§·c., That the Commissioner of Patents be, and he is hereby, directed to renew, for the period of fourteen years, the letters Patent for the patent granted to Samuel K. Jennings, of the city of Baltimore, in the E€”{?'**'l°“ mg year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, for an apparatus for the Egg:???,; speedy generation, and convenient, prompt, and agreeable application be renewed. of heat to the human system, and that he embrace in said renewal of letters patent the improvement subsequently made by said Jennings in its mode of application; subject, however, to the rules and usages of the Patent Office, and all the provisions, except as aforesaid, of the act entitled "An act to promote the progress of the useful arts," and all Act of April acts in addition and amendatory thereto. m· l79°¤ ch- 7- APPROVED, March 3, 1843. "" S·r.u·ura III. Ch.u>. CL1.—·.r2n hcl for the relief of Abncy UGls0·n. March 3, 1g4g_ Be it enacted, d-::., That the Secretary of War is authorized, and hereby required, to place Nancy Wilson, widow of the late Captain Tg bg Placed William 1`Vilson, on the pension roll, and pay to her Five years’ full pay ¤¤ D¤¤S¤0¤ P0"- of a captain, in the manner provided by the act of the seventh of July, Act of July 7, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, allowing pensions to cer- 1838· °h~ l89· tain widows: Provider], That all moneys heretofore received by the Proviso. said Nancy Wilsoii, on account of the revolutionary services of her said husband, be deducted from the above pension. Aimrzovizn, March 3, 1843. —-·~ - 4 S:rn‘u·rs III. Cust-. CLII.-·-An Act for the relief of John Hodgkin. March 3, 1843. Be it enacted, dce., That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed to pay to John Hodgkin the sum of three thousand Payment for five hundred and tilteen dollars and fifty cents, out of any moneys in the Qzalf, treasury not otherwise appropriated, being the balance of his account h,,,,,,, for painting and bronzing done on the New York custom-house, under the direction of the commissioners appointed by the President of the United States to supcrintend said work. Arynovnu, March 3, 1843. -——— Siwrvrs III. CHAP. CLIII. — An hcl for the relij of Thomas lVeavcr and Jacob Heybcrger, March 3, 1843. surelics of the Norristown and Valley Railroad Company. °_ "' Be it enacted, §~c., That the time for actually and permanently lay- . . ing upon any railroad the railroad iron imported into the port of Phila- delphia by the Norristown and Valley Railroad Company during the 3;°n,eXrended.