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60 STAT.] 79TH CO NG " , 2D SESS.-CH. 958-AUG. 13, 1946 1043 patients in a State, and the general method or methods by which such beds shall be distributed throughout the State: Provided,That for the purposes of this title the total number of beds for tuberculous patients shall not exceed twd and one-half times the average annual deaths from tuberculosis in the State over the five-year period from 1940 to 1944, inclusive, the total ilumber of beds for mental patients shall not exceed five per thousand Dcpulation, and the total number of beds for chronic- disease patients shll not exceed two per thousand population. "(c) The number of public health centers and the general method of distribution of such centers throughout the State, which for the purposes of this title, shall not exceed one per thirty thousand popula- tion, except that in States having less than twelve persons per square mile, it shall not eiceed one per twenty thousand population. '"(d) The genera1 manner in which the State agency shall determine the priority of projects based on the relative need of different sections of the population and of different areas lacking adequate hospital facilities, eivin spe c i al consideration to hospitals serving rural com- munities and areas with relatively small financial resources. "(e) General stafdards of construction and equipment for hospitals of different classes and in different types of location. "(f) That the ptate plan shall provide for adequate hospital facilities for the people residing in a State, without discrimination on account of race, creed or color, and shall provide for adequate hospital facilities for person unable to pay therefor. Such regulation may require that before approval of any application for a hospital or addi- tion to a hospital is recommended by a State agency, assurance shall be received by the ptate from the applicant that (1) such hospital or addition to a hospital will be made available to all persons residing in the territorial Area of the applicant, without discrimination on account of race, creed, or color, but an exception shall be made in cases where separate hospital facilities are provided for separate popula- tion groups, if the lan makes equitable provision on the basis of need for facilities and cervices of like quality for each such group; and (2) there will be made available in each such hospital or addition to a hospital a reasonable volume of hospital services to persons unable to pay therefor, but an exception shall be made if such a requirement is not feasible from a financial standpoint. "(g) General method s of administration of the plan by the desig- nated State agency, subject to the limitations set forth in section 623 (a) (6) and (8)- "STATE PLANS "SEc. 623. (a) After such regulations have been issued, any State desiring to take advantage of this part may submit a State plan for carrying out the pdrposes of section 601 (b). Such State plan must- "(1) desinate a single State agency as the sole agency for the administrati o f the plan, or designate such agency as the sole agency for suemrvising the administration of the plan; "(2) contain satisfactory evidence that the State agency desig- nated in accordance with paragraph (1) hereof will have authority to carry out suph plan in conformity with this part; "(3) provide for the designation of a State advisory council which shall irclude representatives of nongovernment organiza- tions or gro lPs , and of State agencies, concerned with the operation, copstruction, or utilization of hospitals, including representatives of the consumers of hospital services selected from among persons familiar with the need for such services in urban or rural areas, to consult with the State agency in carrying out such plans; Maximum allow- ance. Distribution of pub- lic health centers. Manner of deter- mining priority of projects. Standards of con- struction and equip- ment. Adequate hospital facilities. Availability to all persons. Exceptioi. Persons unable to pay. Methods of admin- istration. Sole administrative agency. Evidence of author- ity. State advisory coun- cn.