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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 964-AUG. 14 , 1946 each committee shall elect one member to serve as chairman. Mem- bers of the committees and their alternates shall be removable for cause by the Secretary. "(b) Each member of the committee shall be allowed compensation at the rate of not to exceed $5 per day while engaged in the performance of duties under this Act. The number of days per month that each member may be paid shall be determined and approved by the Secre- tary. In addition, they shall be allowed such amounts as the Secre- tary may prescribe for necessary traveling and subsistence expenses. The compensation and expenses of the committee members and their alternates shall be paid by the Secretary. "(c) The committee shall meet on the call of the committee chair- man, or on the call of such other person as the Secretary may desig- nate. Two members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The Secretary shall prescribe rules governing the procedure of the com- mittees, furnish forms and equipment necessary for the performance of their duties, and authorize and provide for the compensation of such clerical assistants as he deems may be required by any committee. "(d) Committees established under this Act shall, in addition to the duties specifically imposed under this Act, perform such other duties under this Act as the Secretary may require of them, or as may be delegated to them by the Secretary. "4RESETTLEMENT PROJECTS "SEC. 43. (a) The Secretary shall do all things necessary to com- plete the liquidation as expeditiously as possible of all resettlement projects and rural rehabilitation projects for resettlement purposes including, but not limited to, defense relocation corporations, land- leasing and land-purchasing associations, all properties retransferred from the National Housing Agency by section 2 (a) (3) of the Far- mers' Home Administration Act of 1946, and all other corporations or associations organized for similar purposes and financed, in whole or in part, with funds made available to the Secretary, the War Food Administrator, the Farm Security Administration, the Resettlement Administration, or the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. "(b) Within six months after the effective date of the Farmers' Home Administration Act of 1946, the Secretary shall determine which of the lands comprising the projects described in (a) hereof are suitable for use, either with or without subdivision, as farms of sufficient size to constitute efficient farm management units and to enable diligent farm families to carry on farming of a type which the Secretary deems can be carried on successfully in the localities in which the lands are situated. The Secretary shall file with the Congress, promptly after making such determination, a complete report of the determination, with full information as to the location of all lands comprising such projects, and of the facts taken into account by the Secretary in making the determination. All lands which the Secretary determines are suitable for farming and all personal property incident to or comprising such projects and usable in farming operations shall, wherever practicable, be sold by the Secretary as expeditiously as pos- sible to individuals eligible to receive the benefits of title I of this Act and in a manner consistent with the provisions of such title. The Secretary, if appropriations are made therefor by Congress, may make loans to such purchasers to enable them to improve such lands or repair such property, which loans shall be made only after certification of the county committees and otherwise in a manner consistent with the pro- visions of title I: Provided,That all sales of project lands in economic units shall be in accordance with the terms, conditions, and limitations of S. 704, Seventy-ninth Congress, second session. 1067 Compensatio Meetings et. Dutes. Pt, p. 10& Liquidatiha Ante, p. 106L Determlnation of lands suitable far sM as farms. Report to Congrem Sale of lands. 50 Stat. 522. 7U.S.c. i 10i- 006; Snpp. V, 1001 note. Pot, p. 1072 . AMt, p.t l