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INDEX Audited Claims, appropriation for pay- Page ment----------------- 202, 616,630, 918 Augusta, Ark., flood-protection project authorized----------------------- 646 Automotive Vehicles, Etc., Designated, Lend-Lease, reduction in appropria- tion------------------------------ 8 Aviation. See Army; Civil Aeronautics, Office of Administrator of; Civil Aero- nautics Board; Navy; Navy Depart- ment; War Department. Aviation Cadet Act of 1942, Naval, Amend- ment, additional uniform gratuity to reserve officers commissioned from status of aviation cadets----------- 245 Awards. See also Rewards. Government departments and agencies, meritorious suggestions- Limitation on amount------------- 810 Nonapplicability to War and Navy Departments--------------- 809 Payment authorized--------------- 809 Restrictions---------------------- 809 War Department and Military Estab- lishment, appropriations avail- able for expenses ------------- 565 B Bailiffs, U. S. Courts: Pay and expenses, appropriations for- 2f Per diem restriction---------------- Bald Eagle, appropriation for protection 112, 36, 461 464 of --------------------------- 38 Ballona Creek, flood-protection project, in- crease in authorization- ---------- 65C Bang's Disease, appropriation for eradica- tion ----------------------- 107,277 Bankhead, John H., appropriation for pay- ment to widow of----------------- 262 Bankhead-Jones Act. See also Agricul- tural Marketing Act of 1946. Amendments- Agricultural commodities, research re- specting utilization, etc., appro- priations authorized ----------- 108 Contracts with public or private organizations, etc.; use of un- expended balances ---------- 108i Report to Congress by Secretary of Agriculture, respecting- - 108' Agricultural experiment stations, re- search by- Appropriations authorized. ------- 108 'I 1085, 1086 Cooperative agreements, restric- tion on duplication or overlap- ping of work --------------- 1086 Marketing research projects, ue of funds for------------------ 1086 ankhead-Jones Act-Continued. Amendments-Continued. Agricultural experiment stations- Continued. Report to Congress by Secretary of Agriculture respecting cooper- ative research------------- Special research fund, Department of Agriculture, availability -- . Agricultural research authorized ---- Allotments to Puerto Rico, States, and Territories, determination of; restrictions--------------- Availability of appropriations ------ Experiment Stations, Office of, De- partment of Agriculture, funds available for administration of research-------------------- Policy of Congress, declaration of -- Unexpended balances of allotments to experiment stations, availability for designated periods--------- Appropriation for effecting provisions relating to- Agricultural experiment stations--- Agricultural extension work, coopera- tive------------------------- National advisory committee, establish- ment, composition, duties, etc---- tankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. See Farm Tenant Act. tanking and Currency, House Committee on, functions, etc------------------ tanking and Currency, Senate Committee on, functions, etc----------------- Bankruptcy Act of 1898, Amendments: Administration- Compensation of officers of the Court, limitation-------------------- Debts, priority------------------ Expenses, report, payment, etc ---- Payment, priority of-------------- Petitions, fees-------------------- Proceedings subsequent to filing--- Proceedings of court, reference to ref- eree in bankruptcy, etc------- Referees- Appointment, reappointment, and removal-------------------- Assistants, employment, removal-- Number and territories --------- Penalty envelopes, use of ------ Qualifications ---------------- Restrictions on actions---------- Retirement------------------- Salaries--------------------- Salary and expense funds ------- Travel expenses---------------- Vacancies; absence or disability--- Clerks, duties, fees, etc ------------ Page 1087 1086 1082 1084 1084 1085 1082 1084 276 275 1091 824 330 330 329 331 331 331 324 330 325 330 324 326 328 326 327 330 328 829 XVn