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INDEX Interstate Commerce Act-Continued. Locomotive Inspection, appropriation for-------------------------- Violations, apparent, appropriation for investigations ------------------ Interstate Commerce Commission: Agricultural products, etc., transporta- tion rates, services, and facilities, petition or complaint respecting -- Page 71 71 1088 Appropriation for ----------------- 71, 105 Freight forwarders- Common carriers by motor vehicle, utilization of services; determi- nation of terms and conditions - 21 Joint rates or charges, operation un- der, etc---------------------- 22 Government transportation requests, use by Joint Board members------ 71 Interstate Commerce Act, apparent vio- lations, appropriation for investiga- tions-------------------------- 71 Motor and water carriers, emergency powers over, time limit---------- 345 Interstate Compacts: Consent of Congress granted to- Costilla Creek Compact------------ 246 Deposit of original in archives of Department of State--------- 254 Rights reserved---------------- 254 Nebraska-Iowa Bridge Corporation and States of Iowa and Nebraska, bridge across Missouri River, agreement respecting---------- 661 Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, States of, division of waters of Bear River and tributaries---------------- 658 Interstate or Foreign Commerce, larceny in, amendments of provisions of law respecting------------------------ 6(1 Intracoastal Waterway, examination, etc., authorized ------------- 635, 636, 639, 64C Inventors Council Service Staff, National, reduction in appropriation---------- 1 Investigation, Federal Bureau of. See Federal Bureau of Investigation under Justice, Department of. Inyokern, Calif., care and operation of schools, Navy, appropriation for --- 481 Iowa: Clinton, bridge authorized across Mis- sissippi River at-------------- Coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemo- ration of one-hundredth anniver- sary of admission into Union----- Eddyville, bridge authorized across Des Moines River at or near --------. Farmington, bridge authorized across Des Moines River at or near ---- Navigation and flood-control projects authorired --....-----------... 12( 864 63: 324 At% owa-Continued. Page Nebraska-Iowa Bridge Corporation, bridge across Missouri River, Wash- ington County, Nebr.- Harrison County, Iowa, amendment of Act authorizing _- ------- ------- --- 661 Rivers, etc., preliminary examinations and surveys authorized----------- 652 Ipswich, Mass., Castle Neck, conveyance of lighthouse property to town by Coast Guard--.---------------- 923 Irondequoit Bay, N. Y ., examination and survey authorized----------------- 640 Irrigation Investigations, appropriation for_ 279 Irrigation Projects, Federal. See also Reclamation, Bureau of, under In- terior, Department of the. Crow Indian Reservation, Mont., ad- justments in connection with irri- gation project------------------ 333 Water conservation and utilization proj- ects, appropriation for--------- 287, 367 Isle La Plume, Wis., small boat harbor, examination and survey authorized- - 652 J Jackson Hole National Monument, re- striction on use of certain funds in connection with------------------ Jackson River, Va., flood-protection proj- ect authorized------------------- James River Basin, flood-protection proj- ect authorized ------------------- Japanese Beetle Control, appropriation for- Jasper, Ala., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for main- taining office of-. --. ---- ---

Jefferson County, Tex., Drainage Districts, provision of outlets, examination and survey authorized ------ --- -.-- Jefferson Parish, La, flood-control project along Lake Pontchartrain authorized- Jim Woodruff Dam, designation of Junc- tion Dam as--------------------- Johns Pass, Pinellas County, FlL, exami- nation and survey authorized ----- Johnson, Albert W., acceptance of renun- ciation of pension as former Federal judge---------------------------- Johnson, Maggie, Polk County, Ark., ac- ceptance of certain real estate devised to United States by--------------- Johnsons Creek, Wicomico River, Somer- set County, Md., examination and survey authorized----------------- Johnston, Governor Douglas, appropria- tion for monument at grave of ----- Joint Committee on Atomic Energ, estab- liihment. eomDosition, functions, et- 645 280 639 313 639 360 772 XCIII w vld,--- · r vw